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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hello Halloween!

I mean "Goodbye Halloween." It's November, but I wasn't gonna finish a project early just so I can blog about it in a timely fashion.
In my youthful days of joy, I would spend weeks planning a costume. Something sexy and fun, but not totally cliche. Then, I would prepare Halloween themed desserts, sometimes even a cocktail and celebrate the shit out of that holiday at what was always the party of the year.
Now, my sad ass just dresses up for school. I knew what I wanted to wear, whether it was age appropriate or not...
So, if you read my blog over the summer, you'd know that I like Hello Kitty now. (Waves fist) You better be ok with that! (Why I like Kitty.) It's "kawaii" which means "cute af" in Japanese from what I can gather. The whole Sanrio-Kitty world is just so cute and endearing. The simplicity is what makes her over the top cute.
Oh, and I do remember the news story that came out awhile back declaring Hello Kitty "not a cat" and I declare "bullshit." Paws, whiskers, little cat ears...yeah, that's a cat, you can't pull a fast one on me!
Anyway...my costume. I searched Pinterest and Google images for some inspiration.
I wanted a cross between that strapless dress and that cute baby. She looks so comfy.
Here are some other ideas that could possibly be work appropriate. If I wanted to be recognized I needed the cat ears and bow, which I bought. For the clothing part, Kitty's usual outfit seems to be a jumper; something with shoulder straps like overalls. Her colors seem to have two basic schemes: classic red/blue/yellow or girly red and pink.
I didn't want to go subtle, so I figured I would construct a dress with images of Kitty herself. Even though that's kinda like this:
Milhouse: Check it out Lisa! I’m Radioactive Man!
Lisa: I don’t think the real Radioactive Man wears a plastic smock with a picture of himself on it!
Milhouse: He would on Halloween!
I started with this stupid garment:
I did not waste time modeling a "before" shot because it's not funny looking, it's just one of those terrycloth beachwear things. Obviously not a jumper, but it worked for me. Then I hit up the little girls' department of Savers and found this:
I almost felt bad about destroying it just for the picture of Kitty with the 3D bow. But I cut her out right around the head. The stretchy bathing suit material was kinda worn and pill-y. 
Then I went to Goodwill and found this one:
Oooh, sequined Hello Kitty face! Now, I want that one. Both dresses were $3 each, so...probably not money well spent for scraps. 
The transplant took place and the sparkle head was added to the front of my red "jumper." Then, I looked at the other one and wanted that one too. I made a pocket with it!
I didn't get a real picture, I just zoomed in.
Who has a pair of white leggings? Couldn't find any, until I asked my mom the night before. She said "Yeah, I think I do. And I don't think I've ever worn them. Why do I have them?"
The finishing touch was a really fun Hello Kitty necklace for $1.99. Actually, I drew on some whiskers. That was the finishing touch. 
Just a mirror selfie. My mirror just leans against the wall in my bedroom so I moved it into the kitchen for the white background. Here's one without the white:
The children loved it, and everyone was reminded of my darling little friend AB who attends a different school this year. (Scroll up and click the link in the second paragraph, that will tell you who AB is.) I definitely sent a pic to her Nana's phone so I could say Happy Halloween and remind her of how we all miss her.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Quick! Just blog something! Here's a necklace

So, it's fall now. I haven't blogged. When school starts, I seem to go through a little transition period. I'm like, "Woah, I have to get up and go to work everyday and get used to a new assignment! My mind is blown!" So, I haven't blogged in almost two months. I figured I better get something posted to break the blog fast. It's a necklace put together from scraps of three other necklaces.
I started with this:
A silver tone octopus pendant. Not exactly a rare find, but I found it at Savers for $1.99 and had a plan. You see, I love necklaces. I rarely wear my bracelets or rings any more and I almost never wear earrings. But necklaces I have in abundance. I like to find the right piece of neck jewelry to flatter my outfits.
When I wear something like a solid color t shirt or anything that lacks detail in the bodice section, I like long necklace. Not a long chain or strand of beads; I've found that I'm so damn particular that I can describe exactly the necklace I want to pair with a t shirt. It's got a cluster of stuff...
It has a long and multi-piece pendant and not a long chain. So, the good part of the necklace takes up space, not the chain. Examples from the internet:
I needed a chain about 24".
All photographs were taken using a Canon digital SLR potato. I added those tassels to that chain about two years ago (here's that post.) So there's that part.
Now scroll back up and look at the octopus. See how there is an extra hole there on its bottom arm? I don't know what that hole is called. I just needed something to hang from it.
Here is an understated little cubic zirconia necklace that I haven't worn in a while. This was easy to transfer because the bale was easily opened and closed. So, there's something.
Nice, but nope; it still needs more. How about one of them black tassels? Sure.
Aaaand that works for me. Didn't feel like fancying up for any decent pictures. Here's the necklace on a shirt!
I'll write about the school year next time, I have other news. That necklace ain't the only thing that's been chopped up. Look at this pic from a little while back:
Look at the neck area. See anything? Here, I'll embiggen and circle it...
I can barely see it either. That's because I tend to make them disappear in my pics. Here's the dark secret I've been hiding!
Nice to mole you.

Remember 2002? Here...
I've been very bothered by 3-dimensional birthmarks for quite some time. They don't look awful in the picture, but I assure you I noticed and the damn kids definitely noticed and some were curious enough to ask "What is that on your neck?"
Finally...nothing. Nothing's on my neck. Despite them being benign, I recently had them removed via surgery. Which I may not have elected to do had it not been for that other thing.
There was a huge, hideous bump in the back of my scalp near the hairline. I've had it since birth, but only in my adulthood did it grow to ginormous size. I did not get a picture of that. Nor did I get a picture of the fourth thing. The third now-removed mole, once located on my right axillary. That's the armpit.
On that note, I'll wrap this up. I have many, many refashions to show you so you better come back!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I will definitely sink

It's like the tattoo or maybe a picture shared on Facebook; the image of an old-timey anchor along with the words, "I refuse to sink."
Look, I know it's not supposed to be literal, but the picture and words just don't match for me! If you've got an anchor that refuses to sink, then you've got a crap anchor and soon you won't have a boat.
August is almost almost over and that is sad because it means I can't really wear my nautical themed stuff. (It's the law.) I guess I was too lazy to do a proper "before" picture.
There it is on a hanger what do you want from me I must have been busy. I got that at Goodwill over the winter from what I can recall. I seemed to remember a certain dollar day when I said, "fine, I'll do something with it for a dollar." Here's a closeup of the bodice.
While researching dresses from the company "Lanz Originals" on Etsy, guess what I happened to come across?
Well, look at that. It's by a cool vintage dress label and WHERE'S MY LITTLE SWEATSHIRT/ JACKET?!
I knew this was going to be a nautical-sailor themed dress that I have such a fondness for. So, when summer came around, I pulled this out of hiding. I decided that I hate square necklines, so I did that thing I always do where I pinch a little gather in the center of the bust area. I'm pretty sure I took a picture, but I did this months ago and I'm just know realizing summer's death is imminent and need to post about this asap. No time to search through all my pics, you'll have to wait until the end.
Look at how full the bottom of this thing is:
I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but decided not to mess around. I just cut about 2" off the bottom for the sash. It wasn't fraying so I didn't hem it. Corner cut. Now scroll up a bit and look at those odd little sleeves.
God damn it, I need to keep my pictures better organized! You'll have to imagine how those pointy ends this dress called "sleeves" made it look like I had wide shoulders. I cut them off, but don't worry I did hem the armholes.
So, I was getting somewhere. I went through a bunch of appliques and buttons to look for some sort of boat/anchor to add. That way there would be no mistake that this dress was nautical. I rememberd that several months ago, I pulled this out of the bins at the Goodwill outlet:
Cool, a sexy Halloween costume! Everyone knows that when you wear rubber gloves and dig an item from a large bin of undesirable castoffs, said item should be laundered immediately. Unless...
I want my $.70 back. Can't wash it in any way? I'm guessing the cheap blue dye would run over everything else. I figured I could use it for spare parts. I was reminded of something I've seen when browsing vintage nautical dresses.
Look at that wacky, waving mannequin. See how there's a large anchor right up at the top? Maybe? I seam rippered the gold applique off my costume. Here's a preview with the bodice with the bust gather and anchor.
I'm glad I made the sash belt, because an actual belt might be overkill. I did add a few gold studs to it for some reason.
I guess this is the demure and modest pose that doesn't fit with the style of the post or the dress.
See you when school starts.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A crap-ton of candles and a lot of cake

It is my birthday. Well it was my b-day on Sunday, but I like to take a whole week. This post has a dress refashion! Which I will get to at some point. Preview?
There's the "before." But, before I get to re-do, I'd like to address something...
Earlier this summer, Facebook showed me one of those "memories". From that wacky, manic, sexy summer of 2012; this picture:
So, Facebook asked me if I remembered when I shared this pic. I sure do. I lightly dented the Internet with this one! It generated some great buzz! Awesome! I was modeling a cute little vintage one-piece. I used to love those. I even made it a tag back then!
It was a grainy mirror pic, but if you see what I see, you see a fine young thing. I looked so thin and in such great shape!
It wasn't that long ago...four years. Well, I guess I've made some changes since then. Here's a more recent picture from earlier this year:
That's a "before" shot of a referee-like dress that I haven't refashioned yet. Not a flattering look, I know. Does anything stand out to you? Here's another.
Looks like I put on a couple of lbs! Rounded out a bit! Added an extra layer of fat! Look at this:
Can you believe I posted a pic of these short shorts in 2013?
Over my birthday weekend, Chris and I went out for breakfast where I had a big-ass Belgian waffle and some sides. Upon my return from the restaurant, I felt like taking a nap and Chris lagged on the couch. "Why are we so tired?" I asked. "Because we're old as fuck?"
"Old as fuck, fat as fuck, and lazy as fuck," Chris replied, listing off some reasons we were headed for a food coma. I LOLed because it was such an exaggeration. I mean, we both look fine.
It was back in the winter that I first noticed that much of my clothing was simply too tight. I was horrified, but it made sense. In recent years, I have done some serious gorging on goodies like donuts, cake, cookies, etc. Up until late 2013, I had a part time retail job which kept me more mobile than I currently am when I'm listing crap on Etsy. Look, things happen!
I've started doing better. I'll probably never be that young gal in that picture again, but I've cut way back on the morning donuts (like hardly every get one) and I've started drinking fruit smoothies for lunch. I've had less ice cream than I would've liked to have this summer.
So, that dress:
What is that? A muu muu? The picture doesn't quite do it justice. Look at all that room in the armpits, and it really didn't have much of a waist. I thought this would be an easy fix. For once, I was right! It was easy!
I'll spare you the process, because once I took it in on the sides, I felt like it was mostly fine just like that. I also shortened those arm straps, they were quite long.
It's not very noticeable, but whenever I'm doing something with pink flowers I'm afraid of not looking cool. So, I pulled the old BeDazzler out and put some little round studs along the top of the dress and on the straps. Added my favorite helper, the waist cincher belt too.
Now look:
The pictures came out a little soft, but doesn't that dress look perfectly cute with a rockabilly vibe? Did you also notice those lovely shoes? Aerosoles! Brand new from Savers, $7!
It's kind of cheating, because I really just made it smaller.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

No creative title; tiki skirt

I have a lot of refashions to post. Let's get these done. I'll start with a skirt resizing. So...not really a refash, but it's a great skirt.
That skirt is too damn big. Too long and way too much room in that big fold-over waist at the top.
Can you see the pattern on that?
It's great. What are those tiki...things? Tiki statues? I bought it for three or four bucks, it was half off something. I knew it was too big, but small-ing it would have some challenges. For starters, it was in two layers. Underneath the visible layer was an additional layer to give it some poof.
I just cut out the whole inner layer. By now it was early June so that would be better. One problem solved. See that waist area? It's just a big folded over thing with no elastic in it. It was way too big and I seriously didn't know how to deal with that.
I decided I should probably take in the whole damn thing. There was plenty of room. I cut out sections from each side, but left the top portion intact so I could deal with that later.

What's that saying? Cut several times, measure never? Yeah, that's right. Let's see...
Ha ha ha, that happened. My estimates were way off! So, I went ahead and took in the sides of that knit waist area. Then I did this:
See that elastic piece that I just used to fill in the too small area? That would be the new waist. The material on top of that would fold over, hiding that "fix." This also solved the problem of the too long length.
It worked!
It's my favorite summer jam: the full midi skirt with cropped tee!