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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shameless Fall Colors

It's Thanksgiving, and I figure that after today, everyone's going to do winter related clothes and stuff on their blogs. And, yes; I always do what others are doing, blindly following the herd. I guess I'll do an outfit featuring mustard yellow, gray, and teal. I don't think blue/green is an official autumn tone, but I really, really like it.

The yellow cardigan and the lingerie inspired camisole top are both from the Goodwill. The skirt is from Savers and has an unfortunate problem, especially on this Thanksgiving day...

That skirt is too damn tight. I swear it was a little snug when I bought it on the cheap at Savers, but upon hand-washing it and then tucking my shirt in, I couldn't button the top button without fear of it popping off in a comical fashion. Ain't no thang. I just put a belt around it, so one cannot tell that the skirt isn't fastened together appropriately. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm Fancy

For my last post, I wrote about the possibility of attending the festivities held by the wrestling company I spent many years working with before leaving on not so good terms about a year ago. WAW, once the source of my greatest pride and joy became a painful memory when I walked out of that ring last December. After spiraling down the rabbit hole of crazy last year; was I ready to face some old demons?

Yes. I probably should've stayed away, but I stubbornly ignored that voice in my head and walked across that burning bridge into the WAW Fifteenth Anniversary Awards Ceremony. In my gut-spilling four part story, my falling out with my former "family" of WAW was just a footnote. Let's just say that I'm guessing a few rage faces were made when I walked in the door. How did I do it? I had a date.

The gentleman alongside me is one half of the current WAW Team Champions. When he invited me to attend as his date, I warned him that he might regret it if he got any backlash. I asked him to keep my attendance a secret until he walked in the door with the allegedly "disgraced" former Queen of WAW. I had one of those scenes in my head where people gasped and dropped their drinks like "Oh my! I'm so appalled!"  at the sight of me. That obviously did not happen because I guess that stuff only happens in movies or whatever.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Look Your Best; Expect the Worst

I heard a saying once, and I can't track it down nor remember where I heard/read it. Anyway, it went something like: "Don't leave the house without looking like you might bump into your worst enemy." This one time, I was leaving my parents' home and my sister asked me why I applied lipstick if I was just heading home. I repeated that phrase, adding, "in my case; there's a very good chance of that happening."
Anyway, I don't remember buying this t-shirt,but I'm pretty sure it was during the summer before last, and at Savers. It features a woman in some sort of gas mask with an atomic warning symbol and the phrase, "Look your best when expecting the worst."

Of course, the ironic thing about these pictures is that I don't look all that hot at all.I got the idea at night, and by then, I was tired and showing it when I snapped these pics. I paired the top with one of my fave vintage, pleated, print skirts and red shoes. Then...I filtered the hell outta these shots to make them look decent. I also wanted to give them an old-timey, nostalgic feel.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thrift Hoard:A Few Pics of Vintage Things

Here's a hastily thrown together group of pics, done at the last minute. Because i wanted to do other things, before. This week's theme is vintage ladies wear!

Except for that thing. That's a shelf. I absolutely love those mid-century, interlocking square shelf thingies. It was $2, so I brought it home and it will probably just lean against that chair for awhile.

How sweet is that little embroidered clutch? It's essentially useless to me, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. I got it for a dolla at Saver's Veteran's Day half off sale. It matches this vintage green skirt that I just blogged about: vintage green skirt.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What I'm Wearin': Big, Green Skirt

I can't decide what the main topic of this blog post is; my new affinity for mid-length full skirts, copying an outfit from Pinterest, or how things that one would normally pass by on a thrift store rack can be surprisingly easy to style up. I'll just start saying stuff.
For a while, I wasn't wearing skirts and the reason was my inability to find a shirt that worked. Shirts usually get tucked into skirts. I'm short, leaving a considerable amount of length at the bottom of many of my tops, so therefore, tucking in leads to bunching. To ease this painfully difficult experience, I've been looking for tiny little tops, or cutting t shirts at the bottom so that they stop just below the waist. Anyway...
Since I've gotten into vintage clothing, I've taken a liking to what they call the "midi skirt." Yeah, it's length is between the "mini" and the "maxi." Here are a few examples of the fall, retro/vintage, cute-ass skirts that I'm talking about:
Images that I pinned on Inspirations for refeashions/restyling board. Please don't sue me for borrowing your pics, ok?
If you're a thrift addict, like I am, you probably see skirts like this on the racks all the time. Of course, if you're under 70, you probably never look twice because you're not interested in some granny crap. That was me, until I started following this big-ass skirt trend.
I tend to get into something and go all crazy for it, like I did recently with the dark green color. So, when I saw this outfit featuring a dark green full skirt with an anchor top, I wanted to copy the shit out it er, make my own interpretation.
find it through my pinterest
It didn't take long to find a big, green, wool skirt It was at Savers for the Veteran's Day 50% off sale, so $2.50.
Oh, great, and it's a ladies 12-- just my size (that's sarcasm. I'm not up to a 12, yet.) However, seeing as though this is one old skirt, it's vintage sized...so it's not that big. Just a rather large waist. I attempted to open up the seam and cut the elastic waistband in order to cinch it up. But, damn, those old-timey clothes are made well, the elastic was sewn right into the fabric. Believe it or not, I actually researched here, at The Man Repeller (a blog about clothing that tends to repel dudes.) I read somewhere that it's good to wear these things with a wide belt. So, I wasn't going to sweat making the waistband smaller; I'd just do it the easiest way possible, then hide the mess under a belt.

Ooh, it's got a nice silky lining.
Do you see what I did there? I pinched up the extra material, pinned it, and then sewed it just like that. it's totally invisible under the belt. Now, the skirt does come with belt loops, they're just little thin ones. Still, they came in handy.

The belt I chose is one of those elastic-y cincher belts. I used the belt loops to safety pin the large belt in place. I couldn't get any selfies from the back, so you'll have to take my word that it's totally unnoticeable.When I wore it to school, I paired it with a black cropped sweater, but I'm trying to recreate that pin. I had an anchor shirt that I made over the summer and had only worn once or twice.

That stupid top has been DIYed so many times, wish I had typed "anchor shirt" into etsy and saved myself the trouble. I bought a kids' size XL top for a dollar at Goodwill, intending to wear it as a butt hider with tight pants. I cut that anchor print off of a bathing suit cover up that I also bought hella cheap. Using the fabric-fusion-iron-on method, I made the black t-shirt an anchor shirt. Then, I had those pants on, shown in the above picture and I wanted the cute buttons to be visible...but, I didn't want to show my hips, those pants did nothing for them. So, I made my anchor shirt a high-low.
With all the bulk that I'm already hiding in the back of that skirt, I didn't want too much tucked in. So...I grabbed my scissors and chopped that long part in the back of the shirt, using this method. Except it was tied in the back.
Without any further ado, Here's the damn diy shirt with my freakin' cute, held together granny skirt.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Refashion Co-op: $0.50 Dress

Here's a link to Refashion Co-op, a blog I started contributing to last month. Just another challenging dress to make wearable that I took on in a half-assed way. Check it.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thrift Hoard: I'm Thrilled

Like many people who lived in the '80s, I grew up a huge Michael Jackson fan. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I may have had a mild obsession. Of course, I was just a small child in those days, with no money to collect a bunch of cool merchandise. That's why, when I saw this Michael folder at Goodwill for $7.99 I was all, "Shut up and take my money!"

8 bucks for one MJ Thriller-era folder featuring the artwork for the "Human Nature" single? Nah, dude, it's not just a folder. Inside...

There's a whole notebook! Look, some old biographical info...but, hell yeah, there's more.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Can I Just Paint My Shoes?

Yes. Yes, I can. Sometimes, I'll see a cute little pair of shoes on the cheap, but don't want them because I don't wear brown shoes. I like black. Sometimes, I'll see some sweet little t-straps on the internets in fun colors and I kinda want them but I'm too poor. Anyway, I was curious to find out what I'd get if I put some craft paint on a cheap pair of shoes to change their color. I got these little Xhilaration from Target maryjanes at a thrift store for $4.

I've been told that shoes with straps are bad for short people, but no f's given because they're more comfortable to walk in. Anyway, being an year behind, I wanted to make these shoes emerald green--the Panetone color of the year for 2013. I'll be totally passe in a few months. I went to Michael's with strict orders to buy nothing but paint, unless they have something that can be used as a sealer if that exists. It did. Here are my materials:

Craft Smart gloss paint in hunter green (I always get gloss!), Craft Smart sealer, painting tape, and some brushes. I just taped around the heels and soles. I wasn't to concerned about the insides of the shoes. I used the small brush to paint the around the edges and the straps. Then I used the foam brush to get paint on faster. I did this just before bedtime, so I let them dry overnight before doing a second coat. So, two coats of paint and a coat of that sealer stuff on top. It actually worked.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Curb Alert: DIY Drawer Knobs on Roadside Table

I wish I had more luck with finding free stuff, but I honestly don't try that hard. Usually, if I see something on the side of the road, there's another vehicle right behind me so I'm reluctant to slow down or make a sudden pull over. Also, I live in fear of bed bugs. Do not want. But this one time, I saw some stuff left over from a yard sale and I grabbed this thing:

That's actually not what it looked like when I found it. (And that was a long time ago.) Instead of hauling it up to my apartment, I dropped it in my parents' garage with the intent of sanding it there before painting. It was that blue color you see on it. Because I have a nice dad, he sanded it up for me before I could get a "before picture." I was super excited it about this, not just because of the free-ness, but because of the legs. Mid century tapered legs make me swoon for some reason. When, I see something sitting on those little legs, I always want to bring it home. Oh, and I also found this thing alongside the little leg drawers:

Some kind of circus themed wall art. Almost looks like wood puzzle pieces stuck on a board.

I love the hidden secrets you sometimes find in secondhand items. Like the papers and pictures that fall out of used books. Inside this drawer, is the scrawled writing of a boy teen girl (I assume.) Check it out:

I take bad pictures, sue me.
 It says "I love Raymond Veen...er,something" (I can't accurately make out the last name.) Some young chica liked this dude so much that she inked it in big, bold letters--hiding it in the bottom of a drawer. I remember this kind of behavior from when I was real young, like 11 and getting mad crushes on the fellas at school. But, wait! What's that? A date in the corner to mark the day this piece of art was created?

The date is 8-21-86. That's my birthday! OMG, cool! Perhaps it was fate that brought me to this discarded little bedside table. I'm kidding, it's not. Nothing happens for a reason!
I picked up some of my usual light seafoam greenish paint from a craft store and once I got it home, I pretty much started slapping it on this table. That's how I operate; impulsively. I'm relatively sure that primer should've been involved, but I reasoned with myself that a roadside find should look shabby. Once I had a few coats on it, I screwed in the new knobs that I got at Hobby Lobby's knob section. Here's what I ended up with:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brace Yourselves; Winter is Coming (GoT inspired)

Sunday was a cold day. The first of the year that I took out a warm coat. It just so happened to coincide with a dull sadness and a Game of Thrones inspired t-shirt re-do.

See that stupid crown? I half-heartedly tried to make a turquoise wall hanging disappear.
 The situation that caused me so much turmoil has apparently come to an end. John moved out of his apartment down the street; a moment I dreaded, assuming it meant he would spend more time in my building. However, on Sunday morning, I saw his car in my parking lot as he packed a box into it. He texted me, saying that he and Meredith had broken up and they were really through, this time and he took all his stuff out. That's of some comfort. We texted back and forth briefly, and I asked him how he felt about me sharing my story. He said it hurt seeing himself spoken about negatively on the internet, and I reminded him that he had been given many chances to fix the situation before it came to this, and that I only spoke the truth as part of healing. He wasn't angry, but I'm not sure he fully understands the gravity of the situation. I told him that if the old John had seen the new him, he would be horrified. That was about it.
Later on, I brought my laundry out to my car, knowing I'd have to make two trips. It was quiet, with a distinct chill in the air. As I drove down the alley, I saw the vacant spot where John once parked. He was gone from my physical world, now. I would be at peace. 
It's a somber kind of peace...no more anger, no more losing sleep over the idea of him under my roof as he stood by the person who tormented me. It was finally over, and I could no longer be angry. But, when that fiery rage subsides it leaves you with a lingering sadness. 

About the shirt! You see, I had this oddly fitting shirt that I bought last summer from Goodwill (probably about $2.) I liked the swords on the front, they had a goth-y look despite being placed in the shape of a heart. It reminded me of Game of Thrones. 
I also had that faux fur thing that I purchased from the same Goodwill last winter. It appears to be the removable furry collar of a coat or sweater. I found it stuffed in a hat and mittens bin for $1, so I brought it home and attached a chain to the little clasps that were already on it. Of course, one can hardly tell that I'm wearing under my hair.
The pin is an awesome Savers find. I first saw it for $3.99 but I was already buying several other cheaper pieces so I left it behind. When I went back a few days later to exchange a badly fitting dress, this coat of arms and lion pin was still there. Only know it was marked $1.99! Aww yeah, score. I had already practiced my paint-on-metal-jewelry technique (post coming soon) when I said, "hey, what the hell, I'll slap some on this one, too." First, I added dark yellow to the lions, but thinking it hid the detail to much, I rubbed most it off, leaving traces in the the little lines. Then I made that shield blue. Oh, and I guess I'm  Lannister because of the lions.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thrift Hoard: Life is Crewel

On Friday, I gave into the temptation and took a trip to the Goodwill in the town over (like, 15 minutes away.) I was there until closing and came home with a few things of interest. I looove the old timey embroidery pieces that I always find amongst the wall art/frames. For some reason, I rarely buy it because I don't know that it works in my space. I made an exception because I liked the rounded frame and it was $0.99!

Wait...does that look a little smooshed to you? That's what I thought, and the manager helping at the register when I was checking out agreed. For $1, I wanted it anyway, and I could possibly flatten it out.

Look, when they framed it, they put all the scraps in it! Ooh, 1975.

Does it look a little better? I ironed it out, and tried to pull it tighter before taping it into the frame. Meh, cute little thing, anyway. It joins the two other embroidery or "crewel work" as I've heard it called. The first one I bought is huge and awesome.