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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Yeeeeaars!

I don't always party, but when I do; I party hard. Actually, that was the old me, the 2014 me will behave. But, my clothes won't. Ok, they will. What I'm trying to say is: New Years is a time when one's outfit is meant to celebrate along with the wearer. I could drape myself in sequins...
I was fortunate enough to be invited to the party of a longtime friend; The War Machine Sin, an old time WAW-er who started at the same time as me. He's doing really well for himself, so I'm so pleased that he invited me to the home he shares with his lovely girlfriend.
Anyway, here are my dress options. These are either refashions or re-styles. Let's see:

I thought this picture showed off the cool pleats in this dress, but I'm not seeing them. It also has a cool jagged hem. It might be more of a re-style than a refashion, I wouldn't change too much if anything.

Isn't that some kind of business dress? WTF, am I Nancy Pelosi, or something? Well, as you can see, the piece is awesome. As you can also see, it doesn't button around my ass area. Shut up! The sleeves are also tight. Therefore, this would be a refashion and I would make it all fancy.

That's kind of a plain dress, but it's very flattering and it's blank canvas for DIYing. But, no sleeves or straps. I'd be pulling on it all night. Also, look how it ties in the back with those thick pieces? The knot doesn't stay tied and it looks weird.

That one also doesn't have straps. Same story; it might annoy me.

After looking at those pics, I realize I wouldn't change anything about that vintage 70s dress. I love the length, the waist, and that criss cross in the front.

It appears I forgot to get a picture of me wearing this dress. It's too late now, there's a crappy image on my last post if you're curious (I know you're not.) That one's a but of an overhaul. It's got holes and an ugly, ripped bow. Also, the buttons are broken. Fits nice, though.
So, those are my options. Just sit there on the edge of your seat until I reveal my choice tomorrow!

Edit: It's very cold because it's New England, apparently.. This could sway my decision.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Coming Soon...

In a world... where I never finish what I start...half-finished, still ugly dresses get tossed in a pile and left there...
Ya get it? It's like a movie trailer? Yeah, whatever. In 2014, dresses I bought at thrift stores with the intent to refashion...WILL. BE. COMPLETED.
I'll just link my post from Refashion Co-op here: Future refashions
Don't want to click links? OK, here are the pictures. No narrative to go with them, though!

 Just "Before" Pics

 Ugh, I'm gonna put the rest after the jump, they're not front page ready.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thrift Hoard: It's just a few smalls!

First, "It's just a few smalls!" is my preemptive defense cry to anyone who would object to my weekly collecting. Also, I really like using the term "smalls," when discussing collectibles. This week, I'm hoarding a whole bunch of the S + P.
If you're humming "Push It," you're doin' it right
Sadly, no--not the talented rap trio, Salt n Pepa. The cashier asked me if I collected salt and pepper shakers. I didn't mean to! But, apparently I'm doing that. Man, I love those old timey, kitschy little works of art! Look at these!

I've got a proper lamp and some daylight hours tomorrow
Of course, one of those elephants has a little hole cracked in it's back, right under where's its price tag was. Also, after a quick Goo Gone wash, the markings that read "Japan" were washed away. Really?
Given that one of the guys has a crack, should I still try and sell them? Should I sell them all together or as two separate sets? Because, honestly, I don't see how that duck and mouse are a pair.

While scoping out the rest of the kitchen stuff, I spotted the set of awesome mushroom canisters that had been on the shelf during my previous trip. I don't remember the price, but I know I didn't want to make the commitment of purchasing/storing/possibly one day shipping the heavy things. So, when I saw the matching salt and pepper shakers they seemed like a good alternative to the cookie jar, etc. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

After Christmas

I took some pictures of my holiday crap before I have to put it away on New Years. I never put decor up early enough to have enough time to appreciate it. This is my first year without a retail job or college finals. It's pretty nice to not feel busy all the time in December. Because taking down holiday swag combined with the end of the year can be hella sad, I snapped a few pics. Because for me, the time to share my decorations with the handful of blog readers is after Christmas.

Oh, I have excuses, too! I mentioned in my blog post before Xmas, that I would have to wait until the 26th to blog/work on Etsy shop. Guess what happened on the 25th in the evening? Sore throat and cough. Come on! I spend the whole year in a petri dish known as a kindergarten classroom and after five days off, that's when I got a cold? That slowed me down. Anyway, that wreath that looks like ornaments is not a DIY--it's a Goodwill find from a couple years back. It looks kinda old, but it could be some K-Mart thing, Idgaf.
Those deer under the cheese dome is obviously something I made myself. I found those lovely spotted deer last spring, and they've been waiting to be displayed. So, they're under glass with some fake moss and some brush trees. Oh, I should mention that the dome has cute little mushrooms etched on, which you can kinda see on the left of it.

There it is next to a shot glass of milk and an ashtray of Ghiradelli chocolate squares, while surrounded with a plaid glow. That's a candle gifted to me by a child, actually. And for whatever reason, I wanted to use the cheesy holiday borders on the picture editing website. I appreciate the effects for their kitsch value.

That's my tree...I feel like I'm doing an old-timey slideshow for a presentation or something. I don't think anyone looking at this needs the narration. It's small and silver, ta da.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Thrift Hoard: Sell, Gift, and Keep

It's the season to avoid stress and get some rest/quiet time for anyone who's afraid the holidays could set them back down the crazy spiral. So, the Etsy Shop listings have to wait. First, the weather has been ugly. I count on natural light to make my pics look halfway decent, and with my schedule/apartment, there's literally a very small window for which to try and snap some pics. I got this incredible vintage, patterned dress from last Saturday's 50% off for club members day at Savers. It's really fun, but you'd never know it from the way my pictures came out.

There's a preview, I think I'll actually have to put the dress on, if I want to sell it. Which I don't. But, that's what I have to do, if I have an Etsy shop, right? I also took a quick shot of this next dress, without even ironing it. My place ends up looking like Santa's workshop in these days before Christmas, so I'm not setting up a proper shoot.

It was really inexpensive, and I like picking up things like that because they are like blank canvases for a creative person to refashion or style. It's kind of a dowdy looking thing, but the color is nice and I can think of many ways to upgrade it. It came without a belt, so I tied a ribbon around it, and then I remembered that I had a necklace with a bow that looks like it. Now picture it with the sleeves rolled up and a little off the bottom. It could work! Probably something for the shop, after the holidays.

Fondue sticks? At $0.50, I guess I didn't need to overthink this purchase. They're in an original box with some fun colors and I was thinking I could put it together with some like-colored items of the same era and sell that.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thrift Haord: Almost for Sale

I've been a little busy and headach-y. I also finally went ahead and opened that etsy shop, I keep threatening to start. I started...but, it's a time consuming task for me, as I learn the ropes and I'm not ready to show it off yet, because I've only posted 5 items. I finally settled on naming it "Sweet Scores Vintage" because I like alliteration, I wanted to convey a not-too-serious tone, and wanted to use a word like "score" to refer to the luck I have in my thrift searching.
And I have done plenty of that this week; that's why I said "I was busy," although I'm not sure if thrift store loitering counts as a chore. For the moment, I give to you, some pics of what I found, and I'll totally finish listing them on etsy tomorrow.

Look how lovely that purple, plaid, Pendleton wool skirt is (like I said; alliteration.) Got it at Goodwill, where I spent many hours. I wanted it so badly to fit me, but alas, too tight for my pear shape so it's up for grabs. I actually listed it: purple skirt. Ok, I guess I am showing you the beginning of my shop. It'll get there!

I'm having some trouble getting good lighting, especially since this weather is sunless and I'm having issues finding light bulbs for my task lamps. Anyway, I got some cute little plant embroideries when I bought that skirt.

I really like this dress. I took many pictures and I'll have go go through them and maybe edit to get the best representation. It's like an 80s interpretation of 40s or something, with a goth-y colored bird print! It's also got these unusual kimono sleeves. I may have broken some reselling rule, but I had to remove the ginormous  shoulder pads. There's no way anyone would want them, and they were ridonkulous looking. Another thing that I really want for myself, but it's way too big on a shorty like me. If I can't sell it, I'll refashion, but it did set me back a five spot, at Savers so I wouldn't want to destroy it on accident.

This is the old timey task lamp (with faux wood grain that like to holla at)  that none of the light bulbs I had fit into. I guess when that happened, I must've slapped it in front of the camera like, "fine, I'll just sell you, too! Also from Savers.

 I almost always grab atomic looking magazine/record stands when I see them, and this was no exception. The shiny metal was pretty discolored and worn off, so I actually just grabbed my spray paint and put a coat of black on, rather than leaving it around until the mood to paint struck. Oops, those pics should've been with my Goodwill trip.

If you think that kilt looks good on the mannequin, you should see it on me (sorry, that was presumptuous.) But, seriously...I got it at Savers when I found that bird dress and I really want to keep this, but I'm supposed to sell things. What if I wear it just once? I mean, it's a secondhand item, why not a third lower body get involved? I just love the festive colors, the length, the back pleats, the straps, and the perfect fit! Please don't buy this, k?

This dress is great, even if the picture could be better. It appears to be handmade with some 1960s barkcloth and a great atomic pattern.
Oooh, it's so retro, I could die
It really looks more like the greenish color, depending on the lighting. It feels like an old couch, though. Still awesome, just a little big for me.
It is now my bedtime, but I assure you, I have much more to show off. I wish I could do this faster. Goodnight, but first I'll link up with Sir Thrift A Lot and hopefully more tomorrow.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cake and Little Shorts!

The temps just dropped. It's New England\, and it's winter, therefore I've heard that we're not allowed to dislike/take issue with the cold. Ok, fine; I love freezing my ass off and having dry skin!
To my fellow cold people; have you considered bulking up for winter? Like a bear preparing for hibernation, I tend to load up around this time. Mostly sweets like cake, whoopie pies, and cookies. Luckily, I took these pics a little while back. Before I declared war on any baked good that should cross my path, and before I put my shorts away to make room for big, dumb, thick pants.

Considering my poor eating habits, distaste for exercise, advanced age, etc...not bad, huh? I'm pleased with the look of my legs. The shorts are from Forever 21, via Goodwill for about $5, I think. The bow necklace is a DIY ( it started as a gold bow brooch). I changed it out for that cat pin. This picture doesn't do it justice, it looks like the cat is waving its first, telling other cats to get off its porch The sweater comes with a tale of woe. Purchased from Savers a few years ago, this merino wool, teal (freakin' awesome tone) cardigan became one of my favorite articles of clothing. Look, I don't know how, but it somehow got into the dryer. Heartbroken, I cast my tiny little sweater into a pile, thinking maybe I'd use the material to make arm-warmers or at least scavenge the kickass buttons. Then, I decided I'd try and save it and followed an e-how tutorial to unshrink wool. It sorta worked. It looks ok, in these pictures, but it's still pretty misshapen and will never again be the glorious sweater it once was. (Single tear rolls down my cheek.)

Friday, December 6, 2013

I Like Plaid part 2; Not Sure it's Plaid

I bought this dress over the summer, when I was in full on dress hoarding mode. I remember it was at Goodwill marked $7.99 and it was half price. I was looking forward to wearing it to school in the fall, but I never got around to it, because of the high temps in the classroom. I still haven't worn it to school, due to it's lack of "move-ability.' It doesn't stay in place, right, and that's just not practical for all day wear.

I'm just not sure the print qualifies as plaid

That handbag is probably my favorite. I don't remember buying it, probably at TJ Maxx. It wasn't expensive, I know the handles are gonna break, eventually. Don't remember buying that studded belt, either. It wasn't made to cinch waists; it's more of a hip belt because it doesn't have the necessary notches to pull it tight. The buckle is just barely holding the belt on in back.

That's why I don't smile much for my pics, even that half-happy upturn of the eyes looks bizarre. I edited the image, ok? Oh, you know what's lame? I put that sparrow necklace (that every rockabilly appreciating chick has) on my neck to make the dress look a little more fun and you can't even see it. Look at how well worn those vintage 90's (lol) maryjane shoes look.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Like Plaid Now: part 1

In addition to my new "thing" of liking full skirts, I also decided to embrace plaid as part of my cold weather wardrobe. Old timey looking stuff, like thick, woolly fabrics with a possible punk/goth edge. Imma try and pull that look off. Some inspirations:

(from Pinterest, look here: inspiration)

The first thing I bought was this green and navy wool/polyester skirt from Goodwill for $2.50.

So, it's a size 10, but I bought it anyway, figuring I could do that easy waistband fix like I did with the green skirt that I'm all in love with. Of course it couldn't be freakin' easy like that. The garment is kinda cheesy, not great quality like the last one, and the elastic waist was all spent. When I pinned the darts in place, I couldn't pull the skirt off, due to lack of stretch. No stretch...what's the easiest fix? I don't know how I came to this conclusion, but I added an external zipper and sewed the darts just like I planned.

Easier than buying something that actually fits! I'm sarcastic. I just pinned a zipper; cut between it's teeth; gave it a few stitches and some fabric glue; then sewed two darts in front, two in the back. Then I covered my shoddy work with a belt. Just look at it, k?

Oh, that's a blue belt that I decided to wear for most of the pictures. I actually got it at Marshalls for about $5. Marshalls and TJ Maxx have a habit of carrying belts from Express on the cheap.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thrift Hoard: Might Just be Presents for Me

My goal for this weekend was to register an Etsy shop, so I can start thinning out the hoard around here. But an Etsy shop?! It's scary! It's overwhelming! I'll do it later!
I did practice some photography techniques and I grabbed the dress form I've been stashing at my parents' place. When my pictures still sucked, I took the internet's advice and made a cheap light box (from supplies in parents' basement) and borrowed a white sheet for backdrops (from my parents' linen closet.) That's about as thrifty as it comes.
Oh, I went to a thrift store.

First thing I picked up is that cute little mail organizer. "Stamps?" "Letters?" Those really are some old timey labels (because we don't use those much, these days). Look, some jerk put a sticker on the bottom, which I removed with homemade Goo-Gone and elbow grease. But, I don't think those labels are coming off. I bet I won't sell that mail organizer.

I got those tea towels and practiced my projector screen photography idea (nah). I love that balloons towel. The next thing I want to show you is a ceramic black cat. He's very similar to the three other black cats that I have. Kind of a long, boring story, about how I refused to break up a set of cats because my sister had the audacity to ask for one. I have this one solo cat chilling on a cabinet...but none of my cats are up for adoption. So, when I saw a fourth kitty, I thought he might make a nice gift. Until I put him alongside the solo cabinet cat. They're a pair. Check it.

Oh Hai!
I took a billion pics of this guy. I was practicing! Oh, look how dusty he was. Clearly he needed a good home, they couldn't brush a Swiffer over him?

It was at this time that I spotted the holy grail of a thrift store. I was browsing blankets and this woman was giving a quick once over to an adorable striped blanket. Ohmigod! A Hudson Bay! Just like the ones on all the home decor blogs! The store was kinda busy and I try not to waste time. As soon as the woman walked away, I just tossed the $5 score in my carriage and kept moving, my heart full of joy. I'm at the register and the woman behind me is all, "Nice Hudson Bay! Those things cost a fortune!"

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shameless Fall Colors

It's Thanksgiving, and I figure that after today, everyone's going to do winter related clothes and stuff on their blogs. And, yes; I always do what others are doing, blindly following the herd. I guess I'll do an outfit featuring mustard yellow, gray, and teal. I don't think blue/green is an official autumn tone, but I really, really like it.

The yellow cardigan and the lingerie inspired camisole top are both from the Goodwill. The skirt is from Savers and has an unfortunate problem, especially on this Thanksgiving day...

That skirt is too damn tight. I swear it was a little snug when I bought it on the cheap at Savers, but upon hand-washing it and then tucking my shirt in, I couldn't button the top button without fear of it popping off in a comical fashion. Ain't no thang. I just put a belt around it, so one cannot tell that the skirt isn't fastened together appropriately. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm Fancy

For my last post, I wrote about the possibility of attending the festivities held by the wrestling company I spent many years working with before leaving on not so good terms about a year ago. WAW, once the source of my greatest pride and joy became a painful memory when I walked out of that ring last December. After spiraling down the rabbit hole of crazy last year; was I ready to face some old demons?

Yes. I probably should've stayed away, but I stubbornly ignored that voice in my head and walked across that burning bridge into the WAW Fifteenth Anniversary Awards Ceremony. In my gut-spilling four part story, my falling out with my former "family" of WAW was just a footnote. Let's just say that I'm guessing a few rage faces were made when I walked in the door. How did I do it? I had a date.

The gentleman alongside me is one half of the current WAW Team Champions. When he invited me to attend as his date, I warned him that he might regret it if he got any backlash. I asked him to keep my attendance a secret until he walked in the door with the allegedly "disgraced" former Queen of WAW. I had one of those scenes in my head where people gasped and dropped their drinks like "Oh my! I'm so appalled!"  at the sight of me. That obviously did not happen because I guess that stuff only happens in movies or whatever.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Look Your Best; Expect the Worst

I heard a saying once, and I can't track it down nor remember where I heard/read it. Anyway, it went something like: "Don't leave the house without looking like you might bump into your worst enemy." This one time, I was leaving my parents' home and my sister asked me why I applied lipstick if I was just heading home. I repeated that phrase, adding, "in my case; there's a very good chance of that happening."
Anyway, I don't remember buying this t-shirt,but I'm pretty sure it was during the summer before last, and at Savers. It features a woman in some sort of gas mask with an atomic warning symbol and the phrase, "Look your best when expecting the worst."

Of course, the ironic thing about these pictures is that I don't look all that hot at all.I got the idea at night, and by then, I was tired and showing it when I snapped these pics. I paired the top with one of my fave vintage, pleated, print skirts and red shoes. Then...I filtered the hell outta these shots to make them look decent. I also wanted to give them an old-timey, nostalgic feel.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thrift Hoard:A Few Pics of Vintage Things

Here's a hastily thrown together group of pics, done at the last minute. Because i wanted to do other things, before. This week's theme is vintage ladies wear!

Except for that thing. That's a shelf. I absolutely love those mid-century, interlocking square shelf thingies. It was $2, so I brought it home and it will probably just lean against that chair for awhile.

How sweet is that little embroidered clutch? It's essentially useless to me, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. I got it for a dolla at Saver's Veteran's Day half off sale. It matches this vintage green skirt that I just blogged about: vintage green skirt.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What I'm Wearin': Big, Green Skirt

I can't decide what the main topic of this blog post is; my new affinity for mid-length full skirts, copying an outfit from Pinterest, or how things that one would normally pass by on a thrift store rack can be surprisingly easy to style up. I'll just start saying stuff.
For a while, I wasn't wearing skirts and the reason was my inability to find a shirt that worked. Shirts usually get tucked into skirts. I'm short, leaving a considerable amount of length at the bottom of many of my tops, so therefore, tucking in leads to bunching. To ease this painfully difficult experience, I've been looking for tiny little tops, or cutting t shirts at the bottom so that they stop just below the waist. Anyway...
Since I've gotten into vintage clothing, I've taken a liking to what they call the "midi skirt." Yeah, it's length is between the "mini" and the "maxi." Here are a few examples of the fall, retro/vintage, cute-ass skirts that I'm talking about:
Images that I pinned on Inspirations for refeashions/restyling board. Please don't sue me for borrowing your pics, ok?
If you're a thrift addict, like I am, you probably see skirts like this on the racks all the time. Of course, if you're under 70, you probably never look twice because you're not interested in some granny crap. That was me, until I started following this big-ass skirt trend.
I tend to get into something and go all crazy for it, like I did recently with the dark green color. So, when I saw this outfit featuring a dark green full skirt with an anchor top, I wanted to copy the shit out it er, make my own interpretation.
find it through my pinterest
It didn't take long to find a big, green, wool skirt It was at Savers for the Veteran's Day 50% off sale, so $2.50.
Oh, great, and it's a ladies 12-- just my size (that's sarcasm. I'm not up to a 12, yet.) However, seeing as though this is one old skirt, it's vintage sized...so it's not that big. Just a rather large waist. I attempted to open up the seam and cut the elastic waistband in order to cinch it up. But, damn, those old-timey clothes are made well, the elastic was sewn right into the fabric. Believe it or not, I actually researched here, at The Man Repeller (a blog about clothing that tends to repel dudes.) I read somewhere that it's good to wear these things with a wide belt. So, I wasn't going to sweat making the waistband smaller; I'd just do it the easiest way possible, then hide the mess under a belt.

Ooh, it's got a nice silky lining.
Do you see what I did there? I pinched up the extra material, pinned it, and then sewed it just like that. it's totally invisible under the belt. Now, the skirt does come with belt loops, they're just little thin ones. Still, they came in handy.

The belt I chose is one of those elastic-y cincher belts. I used the belt loops to safety pin the large belt in place. I couldn't get any selfies from the back, so you'll have to take my word that it's totally unnoticeable.When I wore it to school, I paired it with a black cropped sweater, but I'm trying to recreate that pin. I had an anchor shirt that I made over the summer and had only worn once or twice.

That stupid top has been DIYed so many times, wish I had typed "anchor shirt" into etsy and saved myself the trouble. I bought a kids' size XL top for a dollar at Goodwill, intending to wear it as a butt hider with tight pants. I cut that anchor print off of a bathing suit cover up that I also bought hella cheap. Using the fabric-fusion-iron-on method, I made the black t-shirt an anchor shirt. Then, I had those pants on, shown in the above picture and I wanted the cute buttons to be visible...but, I didn't want to show my hips, those pants did nothing for them. So, I made my anchor shirt a high-low.
With all the bulk that I'm already hiding in the back of that skirt, I didn't want too much tucked in. So...I grabbed my scissors and chopped that long part in the back of the shirt, using this method. Except it was tied in the back.
Without any further ado, Here's the damn diy shirt with my freakin' cute, held together granny skirt.