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Sunday, December 11, 2016

You must be my lucky star

Yeah, I know these blog posts are coming fewer and fewer, my bad, so sorry, etc. Here's a great refash of a really cool dress.
There's more...more of my poor blogging habits. There's no "before" picture. I know I took one at some point, but it doesn't seem to exist. That's because I started this project awhile ago and I'm just writing about it now.
Fear not! I drew up an artist's rendition of it:
LOL you guys. As you see, this dress has many of the common themes of '80s clothing. Actually, a common theme of my refashioning is complaining about the problems of '80s clothing. Such as:
-Oversized fit.
-High necklines. 
-Poof sleeves with shoulder pads and when you take the pads out, you're still left with a bunch of room at the top of your dress.
-Weird waistlines. Dropped waist? I don't get it, I don't want to have a square shape. The darling dress as depicted in my little drawing had a regular elastic waist. What it also had was an extra layer sewed into the shoulders and neckline and falling below the natural waistline.
One of my biggest complaints is a large top that flows over the waist band like so:
What you haven't seen is the incredible print my dress has.
Stars. Black background, silver/blue/pink stars. I should have sold it, but I needed this incredible print to be mine.
I really dropped the ball on the pictures for this project. I actually did something really cool with it. I can try and describe. Oh, and I can wear it three ways!
I took off that extra top layer.
Since it was all connected I had to repair the neckline and I went ahead and made it a little lower.

Pardon my pretentiousness. I'm like, "oooh, I'm glamorous!"I also hemmed it like, one inch. I think I actually took a small chop off the bottom and then realized I should not have. I folded the hem once and then used this stretch lace
to hide the raw edge:
I just wanted to show that cool vintage packaging.
So, I had that top layer I wanted to do something with so I did. I just can't exactly what. I think maybe I sewed up an arm hole and used the neck hole for...let's just look at the pictures shall we?
Ok, so here's the dress with the top layer. (Look, a star necklace too.)What's happening here is I've got one arm through it and the ties (scroll back up to my drawing) are still connected to the top and are tied around my waist so it's like a wrap dress that has a peplum look on the left (your left) side. Close up?
I love a good asymmetric look. Here's another way to wear this thing:
Now, I've got the top on sideways or something giving me one side with a big, flowing arm hole. Words are really not working with me here. More close up.
That's a selfie closeup. Can you see I connected the two layers with a brooch? Here's a picture of it alongside the necklace so they can be better appreciated:
Here is the dress with a belt on it:
Here's a line up! The one labeled as 3 is my favorite.

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