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Sunday, April 2, 2017

'Cuz you're hot and you're cold

It seems like just a couple weeks ago, the kids were shedding their coats at recess and I was putting both my Uggs and faux Uggs in the closet. Yea, spring time!
Not so fast. Suddenly the temps dropped...the spring coat went back on the hanger as I retrieved my furry boots. Before I knew it, it was April Fool's day and I was clearing several inches of heavy wet snow off my car. New England winter came right back like some unfunny internet troll whom you thought was banished.
So I guess I had the chance to do another winter refashion or two. I quickly took a "before" pic of this mohair sweater. I know I did. Seriously, how the frick do I keep mysteriously losing my "before" pictures! This one's an easy fix:
I took an "after" shot and edited it back to its original state! It was a plain black sweater dress with a high neck. It was a Goodwill half-off item and made of soft, fuzzy... mohair? Fake mohair?
That's how much I cut off the hem. Just a little, knowing it would curl up. Hoping it would. It was actually a wide hem, like a cuff. I removed the same little cuff-like piece from the neck. I did it with scissors and it was so easy I just kept cutting!
That right there was a bad idea. I felt the pockets didn't look right as they were in the front thigh region. You can't just slice off pockets and move on. I sewed that thing right back on.
It needed some "jazzing" up...finally, an opportunity to browse my extensive button collection!
I chose three round, white dealies with little sparkles in the center. Anyway, here it is with some jeggings.
You know how I took this picture? I moved my bedroom mirror (which just leans against the wall, unattached) into the kitchen with that white curtain I use for a backdrop. My room is too messy for mirror selfies.


  1. deepest apologies on spamming to moodystarr@gmail.com :(
    not intended

  2. I really like the sleeves & the new neckline on your refashion!