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Monday, August 14, 2017

I tri so hard

I actually didn't "tri" that hard. I'm singing that song by Linkin' Park (RIP singer) but my post is about triangles so...word play?
I'm following through on something, even if it does take me a decade or two. Months ago, I previewed three dresses that I said would be "coming soon." I was only wrong about the "soon" part. I did the first one, (spring green with the circles) and here's the second one. It's got triangles.
Bleh, I am repulsed by that picture. It's a very '80s style by that Leslie Fay label I see so often. Here is an extreme close up of the print I'm going on about.
I'm honestly not sure when geometric patterns in fashion were a thing, but I'll just go with the '80s as that's when these frocks were born. There's something I like about the shapes, and the points, and straight lines. No flowers here, folks, just geometry.
Here are some other examples!
I had the black and green diamond pattern (known as harlequin) with this piece from last Winter.
Here's an unusual, asymmetric dress from the past that I sold in my Etsy shop.
Another find that I had to sell. I didn't think I altering it would have been wise.
This '60s maxi skirt sold fast and I regret that I didn't wear it first.
Let's bring it back to the main subject with the very simple alterations I made to the dress I showed you back up there. 
It looks like I took it in ever so slightly on the sides, then chopped some of the already short sleeve off. In a previous post I mentioned my new thing which is removing collars. 
See what I did? The top part of the collar that goes around the neck was hacked off. The front part (the lapels?) were spared. 
I took a few inches off the bottom. Of course, only a few inches. I like my dresses long and my tops tight. After reviewing the after pics, I considered that I may have wandered into too unsexy territory.
I actually do like it, I just don't want to come off as so conservative or modest. That ain't me, man! I just like mid length dresses and '40s style! 
I wore a black sash to try and tie it in with the shoes and necklace. It's a triangle necklace, by the way. I have been seeking out necklaces with shapes other than just circle.
Here's a little close-up...
 Here's a little closer.
I'm pleased with how the top of the dress came out. It seems like it fits so much better without the collar. 


  1. so how do you finish the raw edges after you cut off the collar?

  2. It was really easy! The collar was in between two layers of fabric which I opened up using the seam ripper (I didn't actually cut it, I should have phrased that better). Once the collar was gone, the two layers were easy to sew right back together.