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Sunday, July 13, 2014

" I don't want to look like a weirdo! I'll just take a muumuu."

So relate-able
 The quote is just another from line from one of this blog's sources of inspiration, Homer Simpson. In season seven's "King-Size Homer" (cited!) our protagonist gains weight in order to get on disability. Finding that pants are just too restrictive, he explores other options like " ponchos, muumuus, capes, jumpsuits, unisheets, muslin body rolls, academic and judicial robes," according to the salesman from "The Vast Waistband." Muumuu it is.
Of course, in my case, it's the high temps of public schools in late spring and summer that are restricting me. I needed something that was work appropriate but allowed for maximum air flow; thin material, loose fitting...I too, will try the muumuu.
A Savers purchase from a few months back, this article set me back $2. It's got a tacky print that I can appreciate, but I soon realized that I don't want to wear it. I will though. I mean, I did the work, so I really should.
What am I even looking at? A picture of me pinning darts into the thing? I'll spare you the details. I usually like the item I'm refashioning to look a little like the original item. I don't want people to immediately see a muumuu; I want to look twice and say, "Hey. Is that a muumuu?" So, basically, I just took this thing in at the center and bust area, then I made the sleeves shorter.
All I did was take in the sleeve from the bottom of it, at an angle. Easy. Oh, and then I added a waist sash. I always add a waist sash. Let's see it:
Hell yeah, it's got pockets. It kinda reminds me of a Mexican style senorita dress. Not sure why. Here's more:
Overall, it's "fun," retro, and does its job of being work appropriate and not sweaty. But it's still a little silly.
Oh, and I never just stop at one. Here's the other thing!
This one is less of a muumuu and more of a house-dress.
 See? "at HomeWear" that's what the tag says. Think "grandma's daytime nightie." Also, $2, I found this at Outfitters and saw potential in the 70s vibe it had. Or maybe it's 80s, with its primary colors and Mondarian look (Mondarian is an artist who dies in the 40s, but that style says 80s to me). I thought if I made it 2 or 3X smaller, it could work as a work dress. This thing was a bitch.
I started by pinning it down the back, thinking I could just get rid of a whole bunch of room that way. Those yellow lines are where I pinned. Didn't work out.
See what happened? The long arm holes were pulled back and it was dumb and weird. Take it in from the sides, I guess.
I took each side in just a little at first.
Then, I took it in more from the back.
And then, I made the little ruffled straps shorter. That's what was great about this. Sleeveless is ok, as long as it's covering most of one's shoulder (per dress code). This ruffle thing will do that. Here's the result:
That braided nylon rope belt was on the hanger when I bought this. I don't think it was actually supposed to. Oh, and the kicker? This "dress was kinda transparent. Not too bad, I was just a little worried that my lovely silhouette would be visible in certain light. Not cool. I found a very thin half slip for underneath. Can I point out what I like?
 Girl, look at that bodice...
So, there's that blue dress thing. 
More to come, I'm sure. Teaser:


  1. please approve my friend request on FB. would be a honor.

  2. For some reason the blue one made me think of Wonder Woman. I love it though, I really dig that crossed-over neckline. And the yellow print is sweet, perfect for summer. nice work on both. Curious to see what you come up with on that last number!

  3. the yellow one sure is a little silly but so lovely ;) and the blue one looks much better now!