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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thrift Hoard: Sketchy thrift

Perhaps, "sketchy" is not the right word. Scary? Dangerous? What do you call a thrift store where items of all kinds are piled so high and deep that many cannot be seen?
If the word you're thinking is "awesome," then you're a diehard picker. I had been in this store exactly once before; last summer after a Dr.'s appt, nearby. I saw the sign, "thrift store," on my way home and quickly halted. The store was a good sized shop that couldn't really be called a "shop." But, it was an experience. Sweat poured off me, as I carefully navigated the paths through piles of buried treasure. I remember gathering up an armful of loot (nothing is ticketed) and asking how much the kind older lady up front wanted for it. Got some good deals...but I hadn't been back. Something about the place made me think of hidden dangers (bugs maybe? sharp things?)
 After leaving this year's annual doctor's trip, I guess I was feeling adventurous. Yes, this type of thing is what I deem adventurous. Here's what I snagged:
The first item I grabbed was this birds statue. Birds figure? Seems too big to be called a figurine. blue swallows on Etsy While I'm at it, I want to show off this brooch from an antique mall:
That's a sweet little bird pin! Anyway, back on track.
The next thing I found was so damned cool, the sight put me in hipster heaven. Sure, its box was worn out, but all the pieces were there.
A little bar set with a bowling theme? I don't know, do bowler's drink? Let's get a closer look!
Strike! A bowling ball that opens up to a bottle and 6 plastic shot glasses. Let's see if anyone buys! bowling bar ware on Etsy
Remember typewriters? As vintage lovers, we all like typewriters, right? Well, as you know, many of them are portable typewriters that come in little suitcases. I have one. Got it a couple years back and painstakingly hand painted it turquoise. (Pics later, I didn't think of it ahead of time) This old Smith Corona is called "portable", to which I call "bullshit."
It's an electric typewriter in excellent condition. It weighs 100lbs. Or not. I'm just saying that it's so heavy, I forgot to remove it from its case to take my pictures. Typewriter, you're so fat that...um...I'm concerned for your overall health.
I also got a little lampshade, some flashcards, and a sweet vintage magazine rack. I neglected to take a picture of the magazine rack before spray painting it and then leaving it half done on my parents' porch because I ran out of spray paint. My grand total? $10.
But, I wasn't done. Oh no, a true hoarding junky like me is not done until a bad choice is made. Amongst a set of summer porch furniture that a woman was figuring out how to extract from the dangerous maze stood an item beyond description. A plant and vintage lamp in one. After looking the style of lamp up on the internets, I made the bold choice to return and rescue this item. Ladies and gentlemen, the big-ass lamp:
There it is, in all it's glory. Half spaghetti lamp, half artificial potted plant, and 100% taking up my kitchen space. Got it on the cheap, though. The highest cost to me was on the afternoon spent cleaning it.
Can you handle this lamp? 5' of vintage tackiness, in a concrete filled bucket. It's listed on Etsy. For the first time, I also listed this on Craigslist. Even if I can find an interested buyer, I don't know how I'll get this thing to them. I was lucky someone was kind enough to lift it up the stairs to my apartment. There's a story behind that. Unfortunately, it's my bedtime and I don't have the energy to write about it.
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  1. I can't imagine how heavy that lamp is! I love your figurine :D

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  3. Look, I don't use facebook very often and the last time you left this comment, I checked and didn't see one. I have a ton of friend requests that are from people I don't know that I just never responded to. Since you keep posting anonymously, I don't know who you are. Also, the only facebook account that I use is my personal account, real name and all. I hope you can understand that I can't just accept friend requests from anyone.

    1. I understand, and I apologize

    2. and just to let you know, Ill prove you that I this time send you a comment there. then you shall remember

  4. i love the swallows statuette, and the lamp thing is outrageous, it looks like a film prop! great finds.