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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just yard sale pics

 Just a little post here, I felt the need to show off my haul of Saturday's yard sales. Yes, I interrupt my blog break to show you this pile of crap:
 Terrible picture.I know it's supposed to be a simple shot of the loot I gathered, but it looks bad. I'll just break it down.
This is the stuff I got from one of the best yard sales ever. It was an estate sale and the woman was apparently a craft supply hoarder. I don't know how people can actually take pictures of sales while at sales. I had no time for that shit. I was in a frenzied grab mode, surveying piles and piles of vintage goodies. My eyes and hands didn't what to go to. Also, it's not like I had a shopping cart to toss stuff in. Luckily, I had a lucky gentleman escorting me about my travels whom I soon relegated to box holding duty.
I will tell you how much I spent on that whole pile, but don't go using that info to try and score deals when I list them, k? $10. Let's have a look-see.
Adorable deer/reindeer craft things. Yes, the one on the left is evil. But, look at that cute one in front.
Ya know, when I saw the words "garden pot plant" I thought these were going to be something else...but yeah, those frogs are cute, too.
That's a little desk organizer, in the loveliest color. Still got some old tape on it!
Planters! They're filthy, but I have since cleaned them. An elf with some acorns and some some old timey Chinese figures!
It's crap like this that make me sad that I never had babies of my own. I would hang the hell out of this new-old-stock wall hanging thing. It's a freakin' cat in a dress with an ice cream cone and umbrella! The pieces are still shrink wrapped onto that blue cardboard thing.
The other thing I got here was a travel bar (that black case in the photo.) It's a cute little compact black case and it came with its original box, which I had to leave behind as it was all dirty.
 I recently sold one of these things, only to immediately find another at Goodwill, another at a yard sale last week, and two on this expedition. For those without calculators, the grand total is four.
I listed two of them and will do the others later. Speaking of things I might be able to sell to dudes, the first yard sale is where I got some manly shit.
Look at that thing. It's barbed wire pieces on display with labels, like they're specimens or something. 
Old, rusty scale! I don't know what the hell a "family scale" is for. 
Vintage swizzle sticks! I'm actually kinda sure that those aren't manly. I'm told that they sell on the internets, though. 
What's manlier than wood? What is that, petrified wood? Driftwood? And don't tell me those huge orbs aren't symbolic. I don't know what this is, but I got a good deal on the lot of items.
At one of the sales, they had a boatload of owls. Have you ever had a problem where there are too many things to choose from, and since you can't have them all, you take none? The collection was in great shape, but I just took the owl lamp as well as that tan travel bar.
Here he is, all staged and clean. Owls love Reader's Digest condensed books. I actually listed this bird: Badass owl lamp on Etsy. I'm trying to sell it as different from the friendlier looking owlies; as one who gives no hoots.  
I also give no hoots. Peace out, fellow thrift lovers.
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  1. I am loving the cat! Seriously fucking cool! And that barb wire thingy...haha...Its important to know the varieties. (I didn't know there were varieties. I figured they were all just pokey wire thingies)

  2. Great owl lamp. Those downward brows give him the best mean look. I totally would have bought those reindeer, sweet desk organizer, and that scale. The barb wire? notsomuch but some dumb guy will love it. Good finds.

  3. Aww, I'd like to think that the deer is not evil, just misunderstood and possibly has pink eye. I swear I have a lamp that matches the Chinese planter.

  4. Thanks for the comment love, everyone. I've got to go back to posting my finds on the weekly. I mean, who doesn't like looking at old, collected stuff?

  5. Your mystery wood/orb item appears to be a mid-century Lucite grape cluster (what's left of it anyway) attached to a piece of burlwood. They were quite the addition to living room décor back in the day and still have people who collect them. Enjoy.

  6. Thanks, Jane! I did a "vintage driftwood" search and found several others. Mine has 4 orbs and not much greenery. I took pictures, but haven't gotten around to many listings because my neck hurts. I think the ergonomics of my computer setup are contributing to that. I'll be sure to price it reasonably.

  7. Your yard sale hoard brings me back to my youth, going to yard sales with my grandmother. She had a penchant for the same type of things.