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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Can't hardly focus, here are some thrift scores

Well, I'm seriously behind in my blogging, having neglected both storytelling, projects, and pictures of things I acquired. I don't know how to catch up and I'm pretty sure the quality will suffer.
LOL, Arrested Development J.Walter Weatherman warning meme. Remember, he was employed to teach the Bluth kids important life lessons that involved him losing his prosthetic arm? This will make sense when I get to that part.
So, I'm showing you some cool pictures of things hoarding up my home, with the promise to do more writing when I frackin' feel like it.
Oh, and that's what I look like modeling vintage dresses. Nope, haven't listed it yet. Got it at Goodwill for $2, and I think maybe I'll wear it once or twice then sell it on the cheap. Immediately after taking that picture, I cleared a half an hour from my schedule to get my ass to Supercuts for the fancy hairstyling I deserve. This was followed by some home hair coloring to touch up my roots. #poorpeopleluxury
No more chat, just thrift scores, I gotta make it to the post office.

Vintage travel souvenir bags. I love them. They only go for about a twenty on Etsy, but I buy them whenever I see them because what is wrong with you people, these things are awesome!
As I start typing this sentence, it is day 3 of trying to do this post. Another travel accessory:
It says "grasshopper." I like you plaid, suitcase.
It's like I'm not even trying to make a proper blog post any more. "Just show 'em pictures of things! No time to explain any alleged awesome-ness!" (awesome-ness details here)
Did you see my wool cape? This is my wool cape.
It's a souvenir thing. Up close:
 Made of cloth for god knows what purpose. It's just a large fabric wall tapestry or tablecloth, maybe. The enterprising original owner folded the top over about an inch or two and hand-sewed it, thus turning this into a curtain! It's got that going for it. How about I show one more thing and then call it a night.
I think I showed this already. Hold on, I got a ton of crap...
How's this little handbag catching your eye? (Yes, I'll probably have to do some picture retakes) It's a red plastic basket purse.
I'm out. Next on my to do list is this:
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  1. Ha Weatherman was hilarious! Good luck with the catching up!

  2. Love the vintage travel bags - you are right, they are fabulous! I pick them up whenever I see them, especially if the place is obscure.