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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Overdue thrift haul share

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm not sure where I should be sharing my thrift shares. Nevertheless, it's been 1 million years since I last shared my thrift; here are some things for which to look at.
Two little sewing boxes in contrasting colors and in great shape! F yeah, they're for sale on Etsy. I'm not sure why I chose to start this blog post with thread caddies, when I've got big stuff to show and exciting thrift news.
In the last few months, I've finally made it to the Goodwill outlet store a few cities over. That's my exciting thrift news, btw. This is where I found this.
This old suitcase is awesome, but you sure as hell wouldn't know because the damn thing refuses to be photogenic.
It's really retro looking and has a great old timey logo. Listed.
The outlet is a place where you dig through large, messy bins and buy by the pound. So you end up tossing stuff into your cart, like "this doesn't even weigh a pound, it practically costs nothing!" I can't wait to go back.
I found a nice pair of interlocking shelves. By that I mean I found two squares that fit together to create that one shelf in the picture. For some reason, I've had a problem with people being confused when I sell pairs of things. It's one awesome wall shelf!
I grabbed five old, wooden clothes hangers with old clothing company names on them. Here, look closer if so desired.
I brought home those huge wire bins...I don't know what they were once used for and I can't say for sure that they're useful now. Here's one all staged up:
Crates that are essentially metal frames...put your stuff in them! I just marked them down...
Some of my other recent finds, not necessarily salvaged from the outlets include:
This awesome breadbox! It kicks ass so much because I covered the rusty roll top thing with faux bois contact paper. Check it out, there's a story and a "before" pic.
I picked up this lovely lamp which was apparently made by some fancy lighting company. I still can't move it. I have this green number and many other lamps piled up. That's lame, I used to sell lamps all the time.
One more thing, because I'm hungry and want to stop blogging now.
This lovely set of Kromex canisters...lovely set of three. What don't you see? Here's a hint:

Where's the coffee?! Nothing grinds my gears like a set with one missing piece. Did the donating party decide they should keep coffee? Did some jerk only buy coffee, leaving this set incomplete?!
Here's my set of three, if anyone is sitting there with a lone coffee canister and needs the rest.

Plenty more stuff to show. My finds are bountiful. Next week, I do an office supply theme.


  1. Those wire racks are for chafing dishes like in buffets but I like your use of them better!

  2. Thank you, Stephanie, that's what I thought they could be. They just seemed kinda deep. Must've had some huge portions of food.

  3. We have a Goodwill like this one.... I have yet to dig through the bins! Love the wire bins you found!

  4. As usual I dig the suitcase the most! I'm such a sucker for vintage/retro luggage. Man I would love to hit that thrift store!!