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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Coming soon: posts...and here's a bird dress

I'm tired of apologizing for blog neglect! Refashionista hasn't posted in a month either, and she's a pro. April vacation is coming (3 more days, not that I've got a countdown going) and I will resume regular posting. For now; guess what this is?
It's an infinity scarf.
I found this thing in one of the bins at the Goodwill Outlet, where stuff costs $1 per pound. So, this cost like, nothing. It has that birds flying print that I'm all about. Bird print!
Now, I've seen many refashions where an old dress or shirt or something becomes an infinity scarf. Well, in Soviet Russia; infinity scarf becomes dress! (To "get" that joke, click here.)
Last time the weather was warm, I Pinned patterns of easy sew dresses with visions of making them that never came to be. When I saw all the great material of this scarf, I wanted to make a kaftan. It's basically a big square thing with arm, leg, and neck holes. With a belt, it could possibly look like this blogger's!
pinned source here       
I wanted it to be kinda long, for maximum flowy material usage. Also, as anyone looking at pics can attest; I don't like to show my white and usually bruised legs.
 I laid it out the long way so I could make the top neck hole, the top of the dress. Will these pics help?
I made a big, boxy trace (just like I did with that sweatshirt I made a little while ago) on the scarf. I pinned and sewed along those red lines.
See those yellow lines? That's where I cut. I cut the arm holes, cut off the extra material, and then lowered the neckline, just a bit.
I  had a big paper bag-looking dress! I had a nude colored lining that I rescued from an old dress before donating. So, I layered up and put a belt on it. Here's the problem that I definitely saw coming, but went ahead with the pics anyway. The scarf/dress material was very lightweight and clingy. The lining was also clingy.
Ta da...In this picture, it looks just how I envisioned it...but I can't wear it as is. The whole dress just stuck to the lining and it was not good. I guess my next step is to find some kind of shiny, old fashioned slip and see about making that work.
 I'm also thinking that I'll take in the waist a little, so the belt doesn't have to work so hard. Oh, and I did use the extra material to make a sash, but it didn't get the job done.
There, a blog post posted. Done.


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    1. Your comment inspired me to make this thing work...a month later and I may have figured it out. Haven't worn it yet, though. Thanks for your encouragement!