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Thursday, May 28, 2015

She works hard for the money

I love the end of that video where all those hard working women come together for a choreographed dance number in the street.
I've been working hard and neglecting to share some of the fruits of my labor. That doesn't seem right...the fruits would be the money I worked hard for, not the pictures of my treasures, which is what I'm sharing with you. It's gonna be a work/office themed post!
I took that picture of a somewhat recent haul from the Goodwill Outlet. I was so pleased with my very cheaply scored findings that when I got home I laid it all out for a photo to commemorate my success. Do you see the quality vintage slips (for under dresses) hanging on the left? On top of that great blue train case is a bag of puzzle pieces from a fabulous mid century puzzle of the United States. The pieces were scattered through the bin, and I scooped each one up, bringing it home with faith that all states were accounted for. Nope. They were not. That picture doesn't even show my favorite find of that day. Behold:
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That amazing gown which might actually be handmade was somehow relegated to the depths of a Goodwill Outlet bin. Like some eager archaeologist, I stood amazed at this unexpected treasure as I slowly uncovered it from under a layer of old clothing and blankets. It's awesome and it's in excellent condition.
I'm showing an old prom gown after I just said that I was doing an office theme. Typical. Back on  track, I would like to introduce some of my many recent finds for the office or workshop.
  Cool, retro-looking metal thing for your paintbrushes, pens, or whatevs

Really cool 3 ring binder. Not as useful as it was in its time, but aesthetically pleasing!

Faux bois/ fake wood grain metal bookends! I already sold those things. Of course, it wouldn't be a thrift share post without the cheap plug. You can find items like these in the office, sewing, miscellaneous section of my Etsy shop!
If you look at that table of stuff I pictured up there, you'll see not one; but two vintage desk lamps. Well now I have three vintage desk lamps.

And guess what? Two of them were revamps! I'm not actually that excited as I seem with my exclamation points. But, check out what I did.
There's that weird little indent on the base. WTF is that? The next time I was at Walmart--I mean local, independent, small business store--I looked in the cheap-ass toy section and grabbed little pack of plastic animals and trees. $2, and I can already think of ways that I plan on using the rest of the pieces. Glue gunned that cheapo tree to the lamp base and the spot is gone.
That little globe bank is featured as a staging prop for many many listings. How do you feel about the tree lamp? 
I neglected to get a "before" pic of my next item, so let me paint you a mental image. There is a flat metal area on the base of this lamp where the on/off switch is located. It looked kinda scraped up and where it read "lo" and "hi" were both pretty worn out. Easy upgrade; shelf liner paper and Mod Podge. 
If you look close enough, you can see the design on that paper...faux bois. Long live cheesy, fake wood grain! I put these in the apartment section of my shop, Sweet Scores Vintage. Ya know, to keep them with my many other lamps. 
Tune in one of these days to find out how I manage to fix this fail:
Oh, Goodwill...I'm calling you out on this. A great mid century clock that sells for a decent amount on Etsy and you chose to protect the price sticker with packing tape. I direct your attention to the lower left corner and you see the damage done to the veneer(?) by this tape which could've easily been applied to the back side. If I zoomed out on this picture you would see my hair dryer that I used to carefully heat up the tape during the pulling process to aid in its removal. It was no use. 
There's like, a whole damn thing with this clock. I'm going to continue with its renovation because of the sunk cost fallacy.


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