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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Little jacket refash

This is another refashion that I've been sitting on for a while for various reasons:
1.Once completed, I wasn't sure what to wear it with.
2. The weather turned warm and I didn't want to wear any jacket type things.
3. Got lazy and didn't want to go to the trouble of setting up my tripod and modeling.
Check out the item that I started with in all it's ridiculousness:
I picked it up at Savers for the strangely low price of $2.99. (They're a pricey thrift store.) It looked like a satiny, wind breaker type thing.For that flattering, extra pouffy look.  I really liked the print. My goal was to make a little jacket thing; a "bolero" is the word I think I'm looking for.
The ballooning, shiny material is corralled at the waist and elbows with elastic sections. The buttons at the top only go about halfway to the bottom, making this a pull over.
"Ooh, what happens next?!" you may be wondering. And I assure you that I did take photos of the process. You can pry them out of my cold, dead phone.
My previous phone is, what they call "bricked." It has died, taking with it the pictures of this process and more. So without any further ado; the after pics!
Doesn't it look pretty good? It came out pretty much just as I was expecting. Since this is a roomy, shapeless garment, I concluded that it should be balanced with tight clothes. I've got some very snug little pants on with a long black tank top.
I wanted to give a closer peek at how cute the print is. Tiny white flowers on an aqua background. Or popcorn, maybe.
If anyone wants to know how I made this thing, I can break it down for you. First, I removed those elastic-y things from the sleeves and waist. Then, I cut down the middle, removing the button placket (placket is a funny word). I hemmed the raw edges of the bottom and sleeves.
I pretty much did the same thing with the front sides. Like the other sections I had plenty of excess material to give it two nice thick folds. It sewed up quite nicely.
Does this cropped jacket make my thighs look wide? I kid. It was too warm and humid to wear this out after I took these pictures. I can't wait to actually wear it.

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  1. It looks so much better as a cute kimono type jacket!