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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Take a Bow...blue dress and t shirt

By the way, that title says "take a bow," as in a tied up ribbon, something on top of a present, or that thing on Hello Kitty's head. 
This one isn't exactly exciting. In fact, let's just skip the intro and see the dress:
Yup, that's the end result. That's my finished dress. I wasn't planning on posting about it, so I neglected to take a "before" shot. It's a simple stretchy knit dress in a dark blue color that I really like. I must have liked this garment because I have two of them...
Here it is in black! For some reason, I'm holding the ends of those things that attached to its side that tie in the back. I love those, there has to be a name for them. I'm not exactly modest, but there was a slight over exposed feeling to this dress. It just doesn't seem right to stroll into a grocery store or the thrifts with one's boobs so brazenly on display. Call me old fashioned, but in my day, we only hauled our girls out at the mall or someplace like that ;)
I have a slight rule when it comes to summer clothes: Wear as few garments as possible. Don't layer, stick to one lightweight garment, preferably a dress. Summer school is not air conditioned.
I made the bust line higher with this:
That's a really cute t shirt with a black bow on it. Unfortunately, it has a bunch of letters and numbers on the back. Do not want. I'll just take the bow.
I sewed that t shirt scrap to the front and waved a sad goodbye to my best feature. For a closer look, here are some closeups I took using my brand new fancy phone. I pretty much never replace a phone until the one I'm using breaks. That's what happened in June and with the help of a loyalty program, this broke lady earned a lovely Galaxy S6. The camera has a great selfie mode and is so clear it shows every detail of my face. I'll just edit a few things...
A rare glasses pic! I am a full time glasses wearer, but I rarely wear them in pictures. I just don't think they photograph well.
That one's weird. That doesn't even look like the me I'm used to. But, how do ya like that dress fix? I like it.
The end.

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