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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Short skirt and a loooong jacket

Actually, I don't have a short skirt. I just have the need to use song titles as post titles, in this case I'm doing Cake's Short Skirt Long Jacket By the way, this is another damn refashion post without the damn "before" picture. Also, it's a no-sew.
In the last post, I didn't intend to blog about the dress I tweaked, so I didn't bother taking a pic. In this case, I know damn well that I did get a shot of the original. I just don't have it any of my picture folders at the moment. How about a peek at another dress almost just like mine that I stole from an Etsy seller?
That frock is an exact replica of mine in blue instead of black. It's like that mannequin is wearing two dresses! Don't be fooled, you guys; it's one of those late 80s/early 90s two-articles-masquerading-as one. The white dress is just a lame crinkly panel down the middle.
I like the white on black flowery material and I liked the idea of having a long open dress like a duster as I've seen them called. This doesn't take a genius: lose the middle.
So, on a warm Friday evening, I relaxed on the couch and indulged in a frozen cocktail, the kind you freeze in a pouch. I did not want to use a seam ripper.



See that small little cut I accidentally made while trimming my dress? Mostly invisible and I have no regrets.
So, here's what it looks like:
LOL, with a quick edit job, I can show you a before picture:
Just one more, with a pose...

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