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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Grandma's bathing suit

Everyone laughed when I said I bought a one piece bathing suit. No, they didn't. I just have a complex. Yup, I'm so vintage that I sought out a 1940s style suit. Like this one that I found at Savers for $2.99.
They must have marked it so low, thinking "who's cheap enough to by a used bathing suit?" I'll tell you who is; I am. Actually, it was in great condition (and it was washed in a hot water cycle.) Of course there were a couple issues that I wanted to fix.
It's very low in the back. I feel like it would fit better without that big gap. Also I have back moles. (So embarrassed.)
The other area of concern was one that is affected by cold water. If you need a hint:
It's perfectly sunny; no need to flash the high beams.
Lucky for me, I found this piece at the Goodwill for $1.50.
The bust area is a big bow-like thing! And it has little bra cups in it that I can use! Shut up and take my $1 fitty!
So, yeah, I took what I needed from there and added it to my vintage pin-up suit.
That's the back of the thing and then that's a pic of me standing in the corner in shame. The bow did not hide my back and I employed photo editing to hide any birthmarks.
Ugh...the after pics. I got a few and I'm reluctant to share. But I can't just leave this post hanging.
There's my old timey swimwear! The end.

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