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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Let's Review

Since school starts tomorrow (and I've been losing sleep with anxiety about it) I declare that today is officially my last day of summer. Here are some of the things you missed. Because I didn't share a blog post about them. I was busy, that's why.
Many of my items are refashions, but here are a few items that were just great thrift scores with no need for alteration.
This gorgeous aqua with white piping, sleeveless shirt dress. I love it. I took in the bodice a little.
Got it at Outfitters awhile back, put it away for winter, then kinda forgot about it. It was $5. I added the belt because I can't resist waist accentuating,
Check this out: it's a whale skirt.
Thar she blows! I paid full price for it at Goodwill; $5. It's vintage! Well worth it! Look at the whales!
I paired it with an anchor print crop top which totally goes with it. It's such a childlike garment, and I really wasn't sure what to match it with.
I said I was showing you a "few" things, which usually means more than two. The third thing was these:
There, I zoomed in. They are cute, black, wedge sandals and they're made by Dansko which I'm told is an expensive working lady shoe. Sticking with the theme, these were $4.99 at Savers.
For the fixer uppers, we have this:
This thing...it's so cute and summer-y. I bought it last summer and maybe wore it once. I hate being hot and this seersucker thing is perfect for staying cool and looking great. What's wrong here?
LOL, I censored it. It's a halter style and it's backless. I can't wear that to summer school. I DO NOT WANT TO LAYER! I probably did take pictures of the process, but let's just cut to the chase. I cut up a stretchy tank top and sewed it to the dress so that it looks like I've got it on underneath.
I went with black because I like it. I wish I had a black background. Do you see the fabric? The tiny white and light aqua stripes?
Here it is from the back:
There is more to show, but I was just over it that day, just like I am now. It's the night before school and I'm stressin' hardcore. I'm going to prepare now.


  1. How cute is that whale skirt!! I hope school is going well for you :-)

  2. Thank you! The school year is off to an interesting start. I don't have any complaints!