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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ding. SHAME.

Remember last time I blogged, I said that I hadn't blogged because of my headaches? I got another excuse! (Read on, I'll get to it.)
I hate the fact that I have such a hard time keeping up with Craft, Thrift, or Die. I love this thing. The realization that tumbleweeds are rolling past it leave me with one feeling:
(Go ahead and click, it's just a 30 second audio clip.)
In one of season 5's last episodes of Game of Thrones, the villain Cersei is made to walk naked through the streets of King's Landing, her hair cut off and her face bruised, being pelted with garbage by the townspeople. Throughout this walk, a nun follows behind ringing a bell and repeating one word; "shame!"
It's actually a difficult scene to watch, not exactly a spirit lifter. Cool sound clip to use when you want to show your disapproval for the actions of another.
For instance, have you ever noticed the abundant selection of bells at the thrift stores? I guess collecting bells was a thing at one point?
So I'll be strolling through the Goodwill, like so:
Then, much to my embarrassment, my gentleman companion brings it to my attention that I am taking too long or putting excessive items in the cart. How can one drive that message home? Oh, look what's on the shelf!
"Shame!" Chris says, ringing Grandma's dusty old "collectible" bell. "Shame!" Ring on, bro. No shame in my thrift game.
Anyway; about my lack of blogging...
After five great years together, my laptop computer finally gave out and died, just before Thanksgiving. I immediately went to the local big box electronics/appliances store and bought a replacement as this was an absolute necessity for running my Etsy business. Guess what couldn't be be replaced?!
My pictures. Shit tons of pictures. Like a good little planning-ahead-type-person, I remembered to take "before" pics of the clothing I plan to refashion as soon as I get them. I had many of these pictures, as well as photos of merchandise that I had not yet listed online.
I even had the recently edited "after" pics of my Daenerys Targaryen costume. It looked awesome.
"Didn't you back up your data?!" you're probably exclaiming, in judgement of my carelessness.
You know what, no I didn't! I did not do that, despite knowing that my PC was on its way to brick status. Shut up, that's why!
That feeling when you don't save the pictures that you need:

So, that kinda put me off from blogging. Also, around November and December is when I start makin
making mad cash. Sales of my vintage stash on Sweet Scores have been bountiful. So, I've been busy packing up and shipping orders.
So, that's that. I'm a lousy, unreliable blogger. Time for resting now, bye.


  1. Erica - I haven't checked on you in a while as I've kind of gotten hooked on U tube. Have you ever thought of doing videos? You are so pretty and I think your feisty personality would work well. You could do story times - which is popular now- as well as refashions and whatever else is on your mind. It feels like you get to know a person better in video. I sure hope you are feeling better and have a happy Christmas and New Year.

    1. I've got to get an email alert for comments! Until now, I hadn't realized anyone commented.
      I haven't considered YouTube until now. Thank you for your compliments regarding my looks/personality! I shall now consider video possibilities.