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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Not the vacation I'd hoped for

Instagram says I'm at the airport in Boston. Here I am waiting to depart to the destination in which I am currently located. Guess what city I am currently in...
You get it, right? Here's a cool video anyway.
In recent blog posts I wrote about my dad's illness. He spend several weeks in Boston's Brigham and Women's hospital which is one of the best. I shudder to think of what could have happened had my dad been without insurance and a good salary. He was sent home on a continuous IV of antibiotics in hopes of stopping the infection. Replacing the faulty heart valve would be too risky.
That brings us here. His cardiologist consulted the Cleveland Clinic, which is ranked as one of the best hospitals in the U.S. for another opinion and they wanted to see him. Before I could wrap my head around this, my family was bound for Ohio.
 That's me and my dad in a quick selfie from the airport. He is currently over at the hospital enduring all sorts of testing crap right now. He's so brave. He's so positive and hopeful. While we sat around in his room an hour ago, he was smiling. He was his usual self.
That's why it's absolutely unthinkable that my dad could possibly not survive this. It just can't happen.
In the depths of my mind, I rant about the injustice this is. It's not freakin' fair that he should suffer like this and have a shorter lifespan. You see, Dad is someone who did everything right. Worked hard in school, went to college, married Mom, bought a house with Mom, and then raised two daughters. Dad is annoyingly healthy with his habits. Never smoked and drinks only wine and cocktails on the occasion. He wakes up early and then exercises in his basement gym set-up every damn morning before work. And he likes to eat healthy stuff like fresh fruit all the time.
But as luck would kick you in the ass as it tends to do, Dad was born with some defective heart valves. And that is his lot in life and he carries it with fucking grace.
Taken from a family friend's FB because I'm typing this from a hotel.
To be continued.

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