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Friday, January 22, 2016

The Thrifts

It's been a while since I've shared any recent acquisitions and since I want to refer to myself as a blogger, here are some things.
On a recent trip to the Goodwill Outlet store (you know..."the bins") I made a nice little haul, and found some good shit. Colorful stuff like this:
It wasn't until some of the last bin searches that I found that kick-awesome patchwork quilt. Already sold it. I love handmade vintage, because it's often one of a kind and usually quite well made. Also this tiny one was with it.
As you may be aware of; I've got baggage.
That little blue one. Wait--I don't remember if I actually dragged that out of the bins on this trip. Actually, I think I've just been blowing it off since I brought it home from the trip before this one. Glad we cleared that up.
That gray tweed one is great, it looks very old time-y. The interior was discolored, so check out what I did:
Mod Podged with wrapping paper. Easy fix, let's see if someone wants it.
That's a picture of the plaid piece of luggage when I brought it it. It was filthy. So, I cleaned it and soon realized the straps were breaking off. It's in that vintage merchandise purgatory now, where I can't decide what to do with it.
And finally, I also took a picture of the incredible red boots that were worn AF. (Do we capitalize AF? I'm not so hip to what the kids are saying.) I cannot find this picture. I say that a lot, but I swear I snapped a pic before I gently washed the dirt off. Fine, it's dark but I took a new "before" pic because I'm really psyched about these sweet kicks.
Bad picture of some roughed up boots. Don't worry though, the red shoe polish I ordered on Amazon just came in, I'm gonna try and make these work.
Other finds include the following:
Cute, little crewel embroideries that were each marked $1; half off. That's $0.50 each, braniacs. Like the above mentioned quilt, these sold soon after I listed them.
I've got furniture.
Mid century metal stand/rack/shelf/side table! I live for these things. Also...
It's a little foot rest! Looks a little small to be called an ottoman. The green vinyl seat thing swivels, which seems a bit unnecessary.
I'm done for the night. Here's a preview of a refashion I finished about a week back.

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