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Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY cardigan clips

Like I said yesterday two days ago, I'm posting my tutorial for the cardigan clips/pins thing that I added to my cut up sweater.
I've seen many tutorials for DIY cardigan clips using clip on earings. Those are awesome, since vintage clip ons are usually easy to find and can be really unique. The problem I have with mine is that the clips don't hold the sweater very well. So, I tried pins.
Even though it's so simple, I'm reasonably sure that you could put it together in your sleep, here's my step by step process.

1. Materials: a chain, about 6-7" inches long (mine's 6.5") depending on your preference; pin backs; some little pliers; big jump rings (I don't know how many mm! Do I look like a legitimate jewelry maker? Big enough to fit the button); glue gun (it's plugged in somewhere else); and two buttons. 
As you see, I've got 10 buttons in that picture. That's part of my process: be really indecisive! Gather up your stuff, heat up the glue gun, then look through an entire button stash before your choose. Kill a lot of precious time! I decided on those white and silver ones.

2. Attach jump ring through one of the button holes.That's about it for that step. See? Open the jump ring and put one end through a button hole. Repeat with the other button.

3. Attach that same jump ring to chain. That little chain segment already had medium size jump rings attached to each end because it was part of another project that I didn't need. So, I attached those jump rings to the ones on the buttons.

4. Glue pin back to the back of the button. I laid the chain out flat to make sure I was gluing the pins on the same place on each button. You know so both pins will be above the chain so it falls right.

I knew the pin backs were visible behind the buttons, but for some reason, I was ok with that. If it bothers me down the line, I could maybe glue something else over it.
Do me a solid and "Pin" this, would ya? (Just kidding, you don't have to.)

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