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Monday, April 7, 2014

Thrift Hoard: Pardon me, I'm a little slow

I'll get the downer stuff out of the way:  By the way, I'm home from work today because when I woke up my head hurt so bad, one would think I had partied over the weekend (yeah right.) I've been off my game of thrift-photograph-list-sell as of late, because dang--I'm still depressed! We're looking at two years here, folks. I thought that it worked like this: you get depressed; you seek help; you make some changes; you find a new activity (blogging/etsy); and soon you'll be as good as new! Sunshine and rainbows!
 Don't get me wrong, I've done some thrifting. Last weekend, my mama took me to the Goodwill next town over, but I mostly just found stuff for me (which mom bought).
I picked up a freebie! Last month, two tenants moved out of the building. One of them was the very mean bully mentioned in the melodramatic "My Story" here on my blog. My landlord pulled a bunch of stuff out of the building, and amongst the more feminine stuff was this:
Tacky, thrift store wall art! I wanted to sell it, but it has a little tear in the canvas, so no. I was thinking I would use it for a DIY project, like the ones where you put stickers on and then paint over it and then peel off the stickers. You know the one's I'm talking about. People usually make cheesy quotes. What should mine say?
I really just liked the "irony" (not actual definition of irony) of me grabbing up her cast offs. (Because she dated my old boyfriend? Get it?)
In drama-free news, I picked up this magazine rack for $2.
Boooo. It's chipped and now I have to spray paint it. But, it's got a cool spring handle. A mid century, metal magazine rack was the first item I sold on Etsy. I was like, "holy crap! Someone bought something!" I figured I should try and list more of these. I just looove these metal wire things (plant stands, record holders, little tables, shelves). I have stuff that I could totally sell to atomic lovers in my apartment that I really don't want to part with.
I acquired some items with which to refashion, as well.
I picked that out while shopping with mom and she forked over the $4.99. Too big, and has ridiculous large hats on the bottom, but I like the purple cherries and saw this as an easy fix. I already did the refashion! I'll totally post my "after" pics and process later! (probably) My head feels much better, but the ache could come back!
And this:
I haven't replaced my tripod
Big, polyester, 70s top that I plan to make a kimono out of. I really want to do that, like now. $0.50!

And this big, shapeless, thick black dress...I don't really remember what my plans for this thing were. $0.50, so I'll make it work!
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