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Monday, April 28, 2014

Thrift Hoard: Lots of things

I've purchased lots of things. What I haven't done is list them, or even blog about them in thrift share posts. I blame this on a few factors. Slightly nicer weather says, "why sit on your couch and type? Maybe you should go out just for a minute. Where? Just hit up a thrift store." So, I do that. Also, I'm on school vacation this week; meaning last week may have been spent avoiding reselling with the claim that I've got this whole week to catch up. So, I'll just get started.
I bought some things that were useful and necessary. My lovely turquoise-fridge-matching beaters stopped working, in the middle of a frosting recipe.
Goodnight, sweet prince
 I was able to pick up a replacement for $2. It works and it is vintage. But avocado, although lovely is no turquoise!

I do get somewhat excited for cheaply purchased storage solutions, like this one.
Look at all those compartments. When you turn it around, the other side has more compartments. Double compartments! Guess what I'll use it for?
Buttons, probably. But, I was attempting to make a digression from my purchase of an organizer to another purchase of sewing notions that require organization. Look at all that ribbon. I attempted to corral the stuff with the use of clothespins, but that's not really working for me. Anyway, I heard a tip off that Savers had a bunch of fabric and other supplies. I got a couple pieces of fabric and a few plastic bags that appeared to have cool stuff inside.

I don't think I should have brought home a bunch of tiny treasures. That may have been a bad choice. For one, I spent an entire Sunday morning goofing off while exploring my haul. While there was plenty of useful little supplies to be found, I don't have time to use them all. When I did go to do a project, last week, I got a little overwhelmed by the multitude of items in my stash. I've got so much DIY stuff, that I can't possibly DIMyself. I'm just going to show off some highlights...
That ribbon tho
Ooh...that's some gorgeous velvet ribbon that could really fancy some shit up. I want to try and make some straps for an otherwise strapless dress with that. Maybe necklaces? Beautiful stuff, but I've got no ideas.
Lovely spring green/yellow lace. For...?

 That appears to be a sequined skull cap. Fancy yarmulke? 

Several velvet butterflies, all smooshed. 
Bad pic quality, but these are some of the things made by the previous owner from velvet ribbon. I could do that!
More cool ribbon! Seriously, I don't need this!
Cool hat pin. 
Small beads (bad picture, so sorry). In little vials! I don't know that I'll ever use little beads, but look at those awesome vials! 
Same story with this. Adorable aqua octagon shaped container. Yeah, like I need tacks, brads, beads, and little flower-like things. I like the little box, though. 

Cute little tin that once held typewriter ribbon. This came with pin backs in it! Make brooches all day!
Seriously, I've got to do some stash busting soon. I got some merchandise to. This post is too damn long, so just a couple pics.

That is one of those cool bowls you get Polynesian drinks in when you go to Asian restaurants. I'm describing it because the pictures all came out kinda sucky and you might be like, "dude wtf is that?" I was attempting to show how cute this thing looks as a planter as well as a vessel for booze. I never see these things in thrift stores, but I was excited to pay $2 for this one. I'll list it, when I get some decent shots.

This awesome dress was $6. Someone buy it! I don't exactly know who the customer for this item is, but surely some fancy lady will fancy it. Fringe and sequin dress on Etsy
Oh, man, this is the longest post ever. Or maybe it's just dragging. Still here? Well, I just wanna show you this cute nice luggage haul I brought home last week.
It wasn't a great steal. Altogether, it totaled about $13, so it's not bad, either. Those hard case blues are in pretty good condition and that red bag is just sweet. I'll get to listing them...
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  1. Ooo,love that velvet ribbon.I can think of a ton of things to make with it.Bracelets,frog closures,purse straps,weave into a celtic knot,decorating a lamp shade..I totally would have bought all those supplies too.

  2. I just need more time to do crafts! I've got an idea for a belt using that ribbon, and I want to make a pillow case dress (a big pillow case) for myself and those would be the straps.