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Thursday, May 29, 2014

This post is about design: Alfred Shaheen

I think that's what this post is about... I forgot what this whole blog was about. But, as it is mine, I guess I can do whatever I feel like doing. I'll try not to alienate.
Design. I'm not down with this feeling of inferiority that I get when I admit that I appreciate and like fashion. Fashion is an art, or something...I take interest in styles and the periods in history which they came from. Colors, fabrics, techniques, etc. are all interesting to me on an aesthetic level.
What if I told you that I liked architecture or sculpture? You'd be like, "ooh, you're so cultured and sophisticated." However, if I made the claim that fashion is an interest, you be all...
Oh, you're into fashion? Do you also watch E and drink non fair trade coffee?
 For the record, no hipster barista has ever given me any sort of flack like that. I just put words in his mouth. I'll just tell this damn story.
The other day, I hit Savers for the Memorial Day 50% sale. Don't worry, I totally forced kids to sing "Yankee Doodle" for some veterans at our school assembly. It balances out. I was checking out the vintage frocks, dropping them in my cart as if they were hot. This one didn't seem all that special at first. It looked older...polyester, Mandarin collar, novelty umbrella design. I tried it on, even though I was buying it as merchandise. It looked good. Shut up and take my $3.50.

Sorry for the crap pictures, it was dark and I just needed this for this post
The label said Alfred Shaheen and Hawaii. Never heard of it. I didn't think this dress was a huge money maker. I typed the designer's name into the Etsy search box. Then I was like this:

Why in hell have I not heard of this damn Alfred guy before? Apparently, he was some pioneer of fashion, bringing clothing manufacturing to Hawaii and popularizing the goddamn Hawaiian shirt! No shit, huh? Good for you, Alfie. 
What's interesting is that although I am a fan of Hawaiian/Polynesian looking kitsch, it wasn't Shaheen's awesome tropical stuff that appealed to me. I was enthralled by the 60s-70s style maxi dresses and novelty designs. Here are a few that I pinned to my inspirational items board, so please there's a source to find sources.

That gray one on the left was the first to really catch my eye.

Beautiful, 60s style prints!
The left one is so tailored, and the right one is so (uh...opposite of tailored).

 I really like those stripes.

Aw, no way. Sweet patterns.

Use of trim! Look at the wide band around the waist and sleeves! Hold the phone, that one on the right has that Greek key design. I bought ribbon like that awhile back, just waiting for the chance to use it.
One again, I know I probably shoulda linked individual sources, but click here instead! Please don't be mad if I stole your pic, k?

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  1. I'm with you on that grey dress!! Gorgeous. And those koi frocks, wow. I think that was $3.50 well spent!