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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thrift Hoard: I've got a lot of nerve...

I have no business bringing home more items, when I've got plenty of thrifted merchandise waiting to be listed. April was a good month, I sold at least one thing a week, including two high ticket items. I struttin' around like an Etsy queen, due to my very modest success. Then...nothing. I think I saw tumbleweeds blowing through my shop.
When I first opened it, my focus was on vintage dresses, but with some other stuff. I figured I would see what sells. I did my "branding" as pretty gender neutral; the name, "Sweet Scores" and the banner really just try to sell the theme of "fun" and "excitement." Anywho, I seem to do better with household items than on any of my vintage clothing. Possible rebranding in order? My next step is to find some vintage clothing blogs and do a little networking.
Here are a few of my many finds for you to look at:

That picture could be a lot better. There's something I love about this kitten brooch. Hey, remember LOLcat speak? Sweater pin kitteh is on ur clothes judging ur vintage cred. I've worn him a couple times, and I think I'm keeping him. Probably. I love brooches now, apparently.

Look at those sweet clip-on earrings, all geometric and shit. I got them on an ill fated Nashua Savers trip I took over school vacation. Let's just say it was a little tense, due to my family member's neurological disorder being in high gear. I appreciate the sensitivity of the Savers staff; Tourettes syndrome can be scary to those not familiar. I'm sure it's "too soon" for this joke, but I was just glad there weren't any "RAPISTS!" in the fitting rooms. (My cuz has a good sense of humor. Yes, that word was her verbal tic on that day.)

This link necklace is fabulous. I'm torn about selling it. Maybe I'll list it and wear it until it possibly sells. I didn't do a thrift share post last week, and missed the chance to link up at A Living Space. I'll post on last week's link up, hope it's not too late. It's good for getting some traffic.

Yes! A nautical themed tie! It's got boats on it. I can't wait to make it into a kick ass nautical d ring belt--
oh, wait. That tie won't make a good belt. Can you figure out why? Man, what was I thinking. I don't want to wear a tie! I'll have to find another repurpose, one that doesn't involve turning it sideways.

Awww. Look at that poor Coach bag. Pen marks! Everywhere! Who does that!? This vintage bag was the real deal. Not a knock off, and other roughed up versions were for sale on Etsy for quite a few shillings. I've successfully removed pen from a leather bag before, so I figured that for $2, it was worth a little Magic Eraser action.
I was not successful. I shall now weep for this once glorious luxury handbag.

And what's up with this? It's one of those awesome interlocking shelves that I love. Someone primed this thing and just brought it to the Goodwill like that. It's still got a little painter's tape on a hanger thing. Someone started a project and then didn't finish it?! Who does that? Am I projecting? I'll just slap some nice paint on this thing and get it listed this week.

Despite my inability to move the merch, I did bring home several items of clothing. How could I pass up this? It's a new with tags crop top from the 60s. It's got a built in bra and cute little ball shaped buttons.

Look, if it fits, I try and model it. That 60s/70s , embroidered dress from Mexico is freakin' amazing, and I want to sell it! Mexico embroidered dress on Etsy

Such a cute little 70s summer dress. Too big for me. You buy! red floral dress on Etsy

Have ya seen this one? Well, it doesn't fit me, I'm very short! So, do me a solid and buy it! 60s white and aqua print dress on Etsy
How are these high pressure sales tactics working? Linking up with a living space,  Sir Thrift A Lot and others, maybe.

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