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Saturday, May 31, 2014

I'm only wearing it ironically: flowery refashions, part 2

I made a second post. The other one was somewhat long, I figured I could pad up the blog by splitting these up. I'll start this post tonight, if I can't finish it, I will tomorrow. I was supposed to do this during May, so it's gotta be posted today!
This skirt:
Goodwill, $2.50. Not that old, probably 80s or 90s. Big size. 

But, how ya like that retro print? In daytime natural light it looks black, at night with the flash on and it looks dark blue .And you can't really see, but it's got a nice ruffle at the bottom. It really works as a dress.
The mind-numbingly simple step by step:
 Pull the dress up, without zipping it, (bra hider worn in this pic, in case anyone in the school district is watching.) and fold one side over the other side until the top fits securely. Safety pin in place.
Not sure why, but I was still able to button it. And you can't even see the safety pin in that picture. I did think that the top of the zipper looked a little weird.
So, I added that round brooch over it. Brooches fix everything. Brooches and belts.
See how it looks with no belt? It just hangs there. I guess it's not that bad, but I scored a plain black elastic belt that works for fixing baggy things. Now, look at my pics!
Oh my god, I'm so freakin' cute. I think. Fuck yeah, there are more pics...

 It's super hard to smile in these pics! Besides, this is super serious modeling work, not a fun flower dress selfie.


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  2. ^ That's a little creepy. Checked facebook, nothing to see there. Ok!