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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road; lemon colored dress

I was looking for a yellow-themed song title to use for my blog post. Something somber sounding and moody like Coldplay's "Yellow." But, not Coldplay's "Yellow." Elton John's 70s soft rock works.
When I chat with folks from the old times, they often ask if I'm still doing this. Yeah, I'm still blogging, even if it's usually just once a week. It's just so time consuming and even when I've got all the time in the world, the blog seems to take a back seat to other responsibilities.
Let's begin.
That's one large, dandelion of a dress I had on. I took that picture when I got the dress, last winter. It was an 80s, thrift store find, in a light woven cotton material. I thought it would a perfect dress to try dyeing.
Of course, it was winter, so I wanted nothing to do with this yellow thing, so I put it away for a later time.
Around April, I whipped this out of the sewing stash, ready to give it a go. I wanted to try taking in that ginormous top and those huge-ass sleeves. After that, I would take up the length a bit. I think I just eyeballed it and started chopping.
After hacking the sides with scissors, I pinned it. Of course, I would not have been able to try it on without getting in contact with the sharp, pointy pins. Whatever. I'll just sew it up and see if it works.
  Let's see the results!
Nailed it.
One might not necessarily comprehend the scope of the fail, here. You see, I made the top way too tight and now the buttons are popping off and the shirt part is still way to long and it's all bunched up at the waist. What once had promise, is now just a pile of rags. Which is kind of a metaphor for me.
I cast this piece aside, thinking that maybe I'd make a skirt or something.
Flash forward a few months. Now, it's August. My bloggiversary month. What a long, shitty year it's been. It's hot, so maybe I can use that yellow rag to clear the sweat off my face as I toil in this daily struggle to survive. (What? Sometimes, even I can't believe the ridiculous stuff that flows from my middle fingers as i hunt and peck around the keyboard.)
More cutting. The sleeves and collar were soon relegated to scraps as I tore the hell out of that thing. Of course, I would replace the yellow buttons, but I sure as hell wasn't going to bother dyeing it. I'll probably never try that, I would most likely just stain floors and furniture.
I spent very little time deciding on the buttons.
 Those cool shank buttons just seemed to fancy fir this one.
I won't bore you with the tedious details. This was going to be weekend dress, like something one would wear around the yard to tend garden. Obviously that's not what I do, but can you picture someone else wearing this thing to pick tomatoes? Here's the big finish.
Half smile attempted. Back to my more common pose...
As you can see, I'm standing in front of a white curtain. I used string to hang a shower curtain between shelves in the kitchen for my Etsy pic backdrops. 
Oh damn, that image came out good.
They can't all be winners


  1. oh my! you are too cute! I love to read your blog i check often to see if you have a new post! One more thing, you have a great pose love the serious look! I have OCD up the ying yang! and have days when i am hard on myself, but we keep going right! anyways look forward to your next post! Heathere

  2. Thank you so much! Sorry, I'm late on the response. I wish I could blog more, but I feel like it takes soooo long! I have got to recommit myself to more blogging. Thanks for reading girl, kind comments like yours make my day!

  3. wow, you made the best out of it! looks great on you :)