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Thursday, August 21, 2014

It is mah birthday. Here's an August refash

Not sure if it's simple summer malaise or my usual personality, but today is my birthday and I wish I could add some exclamation points to that.
Some time ago, I showed you this muumuu:
I have this annoying habit of wanting to keep dresses as dresses (or in this case, old lady nighties as dresses.) I'm always a little bummed when refashions are dresses to skirts. So, I gave this article of clothing a try.
 I took it in in back, and added some darts in front. I just folded up the sleeves and sewed them like that. Then, I did the sash waist thing. Not bad, but I just didn't see myself wearing it. I knew what I had to do.
I folded and pinned. Raw edges, don't care, it was a $1 muumuu. I sewed up a nice casing for the elastic.
I used that thick elastic and it was pretty easy to work with. So...now it's a skirt. Not totally exciting, but I love midi skirts. Now I have an item that I'll actually wear. Here's my outfit:
Posing is kinda hard.
 Oh, hello, midriff.
Terrible posing aside, how do you feel about the skirt? I like the big roses and the fact that it's pretty much just a sack of fabric, thus pretty comfortable. This is my go to summer outfit. A mid-length or long skirt with a cropped tee. You see, a skirt can be long and granny-ish, you just have to wear it with a tiny top. It all balances out.
Speaking of big, obnoxious flowers, here's a teaser of another dress that I hope to complete some day:
It kinda looks like I have crazy eyes. I do not have crazy eyes!


  1. Happy birthday Erica! Love the big rose print on the skirt. Nice job. Fascinatedvto see what you'll create from the big-obnoxious-flowers dress!

  2. Thank you! Wait no longer...well, an hour or two. I came to a hard decision earlier this month, and I'm in the midst of coping with it, only to get some pretty bad news yesterday. So, here I am crying into a bold colored, flowery dress (which I did put on and get some pics of). I'm going to show my very happy looking attire alongside a very sad story.