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Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm So Metal

I find it ironic that I title this post "I'm so metal," at a moment that I'm thinking an 8:30 bedtime wouldn't be so bad. Back in my glory days, I would be out at the Chinese restaurant, downing scorpion bowls, and tearing the roof off that mother with my GN'R karaoke (that's Guns N' Rose). I don't rock any more.
Too lazy to even come up with a segue into showing you my recent haul. The bloggers from a living space recently blogged about metal wire stands and racks, and I swear I was not trying to copy. I just happened to have also found some of those.
I found this one a little while back, as part of my "sketchy" thrift haul. I wasn't in great shape, so I painted it red.
I just love the grate looking thing. Red metal thing on Etsy Here's another:
Ooh, that one's aqua. It was a faded old brass tone and I had seen a few just like it on Etsy. I thought a new coat would do it some good. Aqua metal thing on Etsy.
Here's a lovely roadside find! It's an umbrella stand!
That's a useful thing to have. An umbrella stand? Whatevs. I put a plant in it.
A fake plant; and then, I took lousy pics. That thing just didn't want to cooperate for the camera. Umbrella stand on Etsy
I haven't yet sold my big, 50s, "Breadette", metal breadbox, but I have this smaller one now, as well.
I had a hard time "styling" this photo. That's my "cat and ball of yarn" salt and pepper shaker set. The "yarn" piece was dropped by some bull-in-a-china-shop ex and had to be glued back together, so it's decorative-only. I'm not still irritated, a year later.
 After purchasing this bread box, I immediately spotted another one just like it in a silver tone and then a third one that looked like a newer version of this in a dark green. I don't need 20 bread boxes, donaters! Donate more lamps. Lamps every day.
Look at this handsome fella. Ah, the 1950s, chalk ware, "blackamoor" statue/lamp. (Not sure if racist...) Can you believe someone was just going to throw this out?
(Sad trombone sound) Can you believe it now? Call me a crazed, hoarding, nut, but I can't sit by and watch a sweet-ass lamp be kicked curbside, just because he lost a foot and a huge chunk of its base. I'm not about to "fix" it either. I have an unusual idea on how to deal with this thing, which I'm not going to tell, because you'll probably just tell me that my idea is stupid and won't work, thus saving me the hassle, and maybe I like wasting time.
Do share any ideas you may have.
This little lamp pair looks like two hard boiled eggs with their shells removed. Amirite? Other than that, aren't they adorable? They're small and they're twins! I looked 'em up on Etsy and found an identical pair in black. The black ones had Royal Haeger labels on them! Yeah, I've got a fancy pottery maker's lamps. And I will now have to convince buyers to take my word. Little sculptural lamps on Etsy.
Isn't that a lovely Siamese cat "lamp?" Don't worry, those quotation marks are legit...
(Sad trombone sound, again) Aww, it was a tv lamp! And now it's not! I actually picked this up earlier this summer at a yard sale. Of course, each cat was missing an eye. The woman running the yard sale still made me fork over $5. I had to take the kitten's single eye and put it in the mom's empty socket, then replace the kitten's eyes with new rhinestones.
That shiny blue lamp is not recent. It's an old buy, but I'm trying to do a theme here. I bought it ages ago for my own use. But I don't use it, really. So, I listed it and realized it's kinda sad listing your own stuff. Also, when describing it, I wrote a song in its honor: "Fat Bottomed Lamps." Like the Queen song? I'm humming it right now, if that helps. Fat bottomed lamp, you make the rocking world go 'round (on etsy)
 I have so much more. I started this post before I went to the flea market, yesterday, so I really have more. First flea trip this summer, my sister and I rolled in around 11AM and still scored some goodies. Such as, a metal wire stand and green sculptural lamp!
So...I should put this long as hell post to sleep and do some listings? Ok.
 Linking up with Sir Thrift A Lot and his faithful, weekly thrift haul round up!


  1. I think I love you for referencing my favorite Queen song :)

  2. Your Amirite lamps look like sideways smiles :)

  3. Oh my. I didn't see the smiles (because I'm an angry, mean jerk). But when you point it out...Ha! LOL, they look kinda like half smiles, like someone laughing nervously.