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Friday, October 17, 2014

Let me show you this necklace

This thing rocks me like a hurricane:

Look, I don't have time to explain my 80s, German rock band song references. I just wanted to do a quick blog post. Here's a close up of my pendant:
I bought it over the summer, but I haven't worn it until now because when I picked it up at Savers for about three bucks, it wasn't a necklace, it was a brooch.
...and the jackass who put it together put the pin-back on the wrong end. See how it's at the top? That's where I superglued it after yanking it off the bottom. Who the f wore it like that? It would look like this:
I rotated a picture for ya. Does that look right to you? Anyway, this is a piece with some weight so it's something one would pin to a heavy sweater or blazer or something. It's October, so great, I'll stick it to a nice thick sweater. Except no. It's quite warm and pretty humid. That's fine, this would make a nice necklace. I'll just hang it from a long, fake-ass gold chain.
I found a gold chain.I had to use little pliers to remove this baroque looking Marie Antoinette pendant from it. That's pretty cool, huh? Is it, I'm really not sure. I believe I dropped a quarter for it at a yard sale. Also, it's a watch:
I'll keep you in the jewelry pile.
I like longer chains when I'm wearing a high cut top or something that could use an embellishment. 
Aww yeah, we got an "outfit of the day" post going here! OOTD! (and a convincing fake smile).
 And there's my facial expression that shows "suspicion" and possibly "disapproval." Take a moment to look at my 70s polyester skirt in orange and brown, typical colors of that era. I'm really into vintage midi length skirts. This one was old, so the elastic at the waist was all decrepit and nonfunctional. I perfomred the beginner's task of replacing it myself. Now, let's wrap it up with a little filter added photo collage.


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