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Monday, October 27, 2014

Thrift Hoard: Holy Grails

I feel like there certain items that most thrift store lovers/vintage sellers tend to covet. These are things that I find on a Goodwill shelf that I can't believe are still sitting there, because everyone loves those things.
For instance; globes, Pyrex, old luggage, and typewriters:
You see that on the bottom shelf and you're like, "hey, what's that thing? An old, plastic cassette tape holder?" Then you pop the lid...
 Well, kiss my grits! Look at the color of that typewriter!
Already listed here because it's one of those thing that kicks you in the ass and you want to clean all the grime and get that thang staged and photographed. The Smith Corona Giah Super G: one kickass typewriter.
The word "ubiquitous" is not one that I use nearly enough. I did use it to describe these popcorn bowls, because I feel like I see them on blogs and sale sites quite often. Of course, this was the first time I've seen them in the wild.
Hello there, Mr heavy glass popcorn bowl. Don't you look retro, mod, unchipped, and fresh! Your yellow sticker is half off this week! Oh, and you have your four kids with you?!
Here they are amongst several other glass popcorn bowl sets on Etsy.
I didn't actually know that this old poster book was any great find. I like the pictures and all, but meh... Also, I almost never get out my phone and try to research value in the store. I try to shop as efficiently as possible. If it's cheap and it's something I think is great, I'll bring it home and list it.
Posters of Mucha, published in 1975. Prints from Art Nouveau artist, Alfonse Mucha. I checked to see if any others were for sale on Etsy. There were; and they were in the $50 range. Aww yeah.
Posters of Mucha on Etsy.
I found these next items a few weeks back. Look, I'm sure about cultural significance or racial insensitivity of these wall plaques. They just seemed really interesting from an art point of view and in pretty good shape.
Yes, they're listed.
The last thing I'm showing you is definitely not a hot item from most.
A 70s latch hook rug? Laaame. There are millions of those old things for sale. But, this one is nautical themed! You know how I roll! Put an anchor on it, I'll buy the hell out it!
Question is...will you?
Honestly, this whole post was not meant to be a big sales pitch. I really just like thrift shares. Since you're reading my blog, feel free to ask for deal on any items you like, I'm a little flexible.
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  1. Definitely some amazing finds. The typewriter and the posters are both really great!

  2. Thanks. One of the very few times that I ever left a Goodwill with only two items because I was so pleased with both of them.