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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hell yeah, freebies: fashion mags

I can't explain why, but I've been busy..I think? I haven't had time to do any blogging or much sewing, so I must have been doing something else.
Let's keep it simple. Rather than lay out the treasures of my recent thrift store trips, I will instead show you some things that I recently acquired without the exchange of money.
Le Magazines!
Family friend, Diane (who often gifts me with awesome stuff, as she is a career seamstress and clothing DIYer) gave me these awesome old timey magazines. Those three are from 1958-59 and are en Francais. Pardon moi, I took Spanish in school and don't know how to spell French words.
These 13 slim volumes come from 1965-1970...
Guess what specific wearable item is the subject for all these mags.
A magazine all about hats in fashion and how to make fashionable hats (that's called "millinery" btw, I say with a know-it-all smugness). Look at the cool cover on that one up there.
The last magazine, I actually thought was 100 magazines crammed together.
There are some English words in here. It's actually a catalog for ordering patterns and fabric from 1973/74. OMFG
Little fabric swatches! Those explain the catalogs bulkiness.
They keep calling those actual pieces of cloth "photos." I don't thing that word means what they think it means. The colors, prints, and styles of these looks from the early 70s are incredible. I'm going to share more.
My first thought was to use these magazines for "art", but that would certainly mean cutting them up with scissors. I will probably see what they go for on the interwebs.
I was going to continue this post and show pictures of books and learning materials, but zzz...
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  1. Don't stop! Post more!

  2. Hey, I waited a week just to respond to this comment. At that rate, I'm sure I'll post the rest of the stuff, any day now!