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Monday, December 1, 2014

Thrift Hoard: these are a few of my favorite things (I guess)

I love looking at other thrift blogs; when I see a link roundup and get the chance to check out the loot other bloggers have snagged, I'm totally there.
But, it looks like I'm the only one not grabbing up the holiday themed stuff. Maybe, I'm just not patient enough to look often and look closely through those sections or maybe I'm just not that into it? I have a headache. Lets get on with the Christmas-free (although possibly gift-y or wintery) finds.

Little Mexican themed figures on sticks. I looked, but I could not find an official name for things you stick in your plants to decorate them. Potted plant decorations for sale that you can add to any plants you might gift!
First, I saw those lovely 70s colors. Then, I bought it, washed it, and set it up for pictures. That's when I finally noticed those little cat figures knitted into this afghan. Score. Afghan on Etsy
If I may wax poetic for a moment...my Nanny used to crochet (diff between crochet and knit?) these blankets. She made one for each person in my house. Mine was yellow, sister's was blue/pink/white, Dad's was manly neutral colors, and Mom's was a blend of pinks and maroon. Her's had a name for some reason: "Roses." As in, "Hey, I'm cold on this couch, pass me 'roses,' would ya?"

Faux wood grain file boxes! I usually pick these up, whenever I find them in good shape. (You wouldn't believe the deal I got on that one.) There are many 70s Porta-files to be found, but this one is different. This one's a jumbo. Big ol' metal file box in shop

Look at that cute little lamp. Kinda reminds me of an eggplant. I kept looking for a shade to go with it, but I got nothing. I'll list that this week.
I just found this planter when I was doing some organizing around here. I knew I had it, but don't remember buying it. And look:
Why have I not listed that? Soon.
Here's a dress. Not sure why I'm showing it, but I just got it and was pleased to have found a slightly warm sweater dress. It's from the 70s. It looks ok, but I had to chop this thing. I already refashioned it into a smaller garment and wore it today.
Last thing: while I'm obviously obsessed with dresses, I don't usually find and/or purchase very old ones. I usually stick to 60s-80s. An old 40s gown is rarity for me, especially one in good condition. They must be hard to sell, too. Anyway, gaze upon this beauty:
...and the dress is nice, too.
It's a thin, crepe material I think. Let's get a close-up:
I wish I could keep it to wear to all my fancy balls and galas. I'll try and list that this week.Maybe someone will want it for New Years.
Linking up Sir Thrift A Lot.


  1. Knitting uses 2 needles and crochet uses one needle.

    Love that first dress. I wore stuff like that in the 70's and wish I had kept some of them. I had a great black velvet maxi skirt, a maxi dress that looked like something from "Little House on the Prairie" and a ton of short, short skirts. LOL.

  2. The cute afghan you bought is crocheted. Knitting uses two needles and crochet uses a hook. It's a bit hard to describe the difference, but if you look at some knitted items and then look at some crocheted items, you should be able to discern the difference. Love you stuff!

  3. Also, your afghan is made up of squares crocheted in double crochet stitch with popcorn stitch as the cats. Looks like all the squares were then given a crocheted tan yarn border and then probably sewn together with the tan yarn and given a fringe border. :)

  4. Thank you, Kim; thank you anonymous! Now, I can better tag my Etsy listing.