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Sunday, December 28, 2014

School freebies that were not stolen

I'm aware that I've been neglecting my blog, Because holidays. Which is also why I'm on vacation and finally picking up where I last left off.
Items that are free! Specifically, school items! They were not stolen from my place of employment!

I picked up these sequence cards back in September. A preschool teacher was switching rooms, and paring down her stash. When teachers do this, they often leave things in a box in case someone needs outdated materials. It was in this box that I found that picture-hole-lotto game from my last post.
Ooh nature! Stages of plant growth. On a sad note, the teacher who left these behind broke her leg a couple months ago. Can't teach preschool in a full leg cast. I used one of these plant cards to make her a card.
Look at that nice 70s couple sharing household chores, being all progressive and such.
These items are less exciting to me. Block things, just not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the books!
Old timey library books for children! Books like these are like works of art with their retro illustrations. I got these in the hallway of the school where I worked a summer program. So, since it's almost New Years...look at these!
Find Out by Touching is  from the "Lets read and find out" series of which I collected a few.
Look at those beautiful colors! That little pine tree branch with the bird...freakin' adorable.
I love the font, but the Tattooed Man wasn't as good a read as I had hoped.
Over the weekend, I found some other things of interest. So, stay tuned I guess.

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