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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Taking on the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

" Who's that giiiirl? Who's that girl? It's Jess!" theme song from TV's The New Girl

The manic pixie dream girl is the term used to describe a female character in a movie, TV show, or book who is just so quirky, adventurous, wild, and beautiful! The character exists for the purpose of helping the male protagonist (who is a cynical, buttoned up, depressed bore) learn to love and live freely!

 "I brake for birds! I rock a lot of polka dots! I have touched glitter in the past 24 hours! I spent my entire day talking to children! And I find it fundamentally strange that you're not a dessert person; that's just weird and it freaks me out! And I'm sorry I don't talk like Murphy Brown! And I hate your pantsuit. I wish it had ribbons on it or something to make it slightly cuter!" — Zooey Deschanel as Jess on The New Girl
Although this description reeeally doesn't describe any actual women, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that absolutely doesn't describe me. Let's sing that theme song...
"Who's that giiirl? Who's that girl? It's Moody!"

Do ya see what I did there? LOLZ, look at the contradiction. hur hur. Well, I can't be a wacky, offbeat, Ramona freakin' Flowers in this dress:
That dress is basically a long, black sack and I have no idea why I have it. I think maybe a thrift store two-for-one? I decided this boring-ass thing might be a good backdrop for this white collar I removed from another dress:
Pinned it right on there. It's not the standard Peter Pan collar worn by Zooey and others of their ilk. Hey, while I'm going wild and quirky I might as well eschew my standard midi length and cut this bitch above the knee!
                                                         Picture unavailable
Damn it, I thought I took a picture of that groundbreaking moment where I chopped some length off this dress. Either way, I'm pretty sure I took off to much. Because when I went to hem it, I couldn't fold up the raw edge and had to use that lace seam binding crap that I always have for "projects." I neglected my photography too, because I'm all crazy and living in the moment! I got a goddamn micro mini. I don't normally do those.
So, now I have to wear it with leggings. I did a proper photo shoot with some tights, though. They had to be black because those were the only ones flattering.
I added that little sash bow thing, instead of the black one that went with it because that obviously matched too much. The collar and the polka dot bow are pretty cute but I needed to push it into "totes adorbz" territory.
I added that cute-as-kitties bike brooch. Bicycles are a thing, I heard. Well, I've seen this:
Also rounding out outfit: Vintage, old lady carpet bag; green mary jane shoes; a jaunty beret.
 There's my decidedly non-pixie smile. The old-timey bicycle brooch refused to be photographed properly. I wonder if I'll ever have the nerve to wear this thing?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thrift Hoard: Holy Grails

I feel like there certain items that most thrift store lovers/vintage sellers tend to covet. These are things that I find on a Goodwill shelf that I can't believe are still sitting there, because everyone loves those things.
For instance; globes, Pyrex, old luggage, and typewriters:
You see that on the bottom shelf and you're like, "hey, what's that thing? An old, plastic cassette tape holder?" Then you pop the lid...
 Well, kiss my grits! Look at the color of that typewriter!
Already listed here because it's one of those thing that kicks you in the ass and you want to clean all the grime and get that thang staged and photographed. The Smith Corona Giah Super G: one kickass typewriter.
The word "ubiquitous" is not one that I use nearly enough. I did use it to describe these popcorn bowls, because I feel like I see them on blogs and sale sites quite often. Of course, this was the first time I've seen them in the wild.
Hello there, Mr heavy glass popcorn bowl. Don't you look retro, mod, unchipped, and fresh! Your yellow sticker is half off this week! Oh, and you have your four kids with you?!
Here they are amongst several other glass popcorn bowl sets on Etsy.
I didn't actually know that this old poster book was any great find. I like the pictures and all, but meh... Also, I almost never get out my phone and try to research value in the store. I try to shop as efficiently as possible. If it's cheap and it's something I think is great, I'll bring it home and list it.
Posters of Mucha, published in 1975. Prints from Art Nouveau artist, Alfonse Mucha. I checked to see if any others were for sale on Etsy. There were; and they were in the $50 range. Aww yeah.
Posters of Mucha on Etsy.
I found these next items a few weeks back. Look, I'm sure about cultural significance or racial insensitivity of these wall plaques. They just seemed really interesting from an art point of view and in pretty good shape.
Yes, they're listed.
The last thing I'm showing you is definitely not a hot item from most.
A 70s latch hook rug? Laaame. There are millions of those old things for sale. But, this one is nautical themed! You know how I roll! Put an anchor on it, I'll buy the hell out it!
Question is...will you?
Honestly, this whole post was not meant to be a big sales pitch. I really just like thrift shares. Since you're reading my blog, feel free to ask for deal on any items you like, I'm a little flexible.
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Let me show you this necklace

This thing rocks me like a hurricane:

Look, I don't have time to explain my 80s, German rock band song references. I just wanted to do a quick blog post. Here's a close up of my pendant:
I bought it over the summer, but I haven't worn it until now because when I picked it up at Savers for about three bucks, it wasn't a necklace, it was a brooch.
...and the jackass who put it together put the pin-back on the wrong end. See how it's at the top? That's where I superglued it after yanking it off the bottom. Who the f wore it like that? It would look like this:
I rotated a picture for ya. Does that look right to you? Anyway, this is a piece with some weight so it's something one would pin to a heavy sweater or blazer or something. It's October, so great, I'll stick it to a nice thick sweater. Except no. It's quite warm and pretty humid. That's fine, this would make a nice necklace. I'll just hang it from a long, fake-ass gold chain.
I found a gold chain.I had to use little pliers to remove this baroque looking Marie Antoinette pendant from it. That's pretty cool, huh? Is it, I'm really not sure. I believe I dropped a quarter for it at a yard sale. Also, it's a watch:
I'll keep you in the jewelry pile.
I like longer chains when I'm wearing a high cut top or something that could use an embellishment. 
Aww yeah, we got an "outfit of the day" post going here! OOTD! (and a convincing fake smile).
 And there's my facial expression that shows "suspicion" and possibly "disapproval." Take a moment to look at my 70s polyester skirt in orange and brown, typical colors of that era. I'm really into vintage midi length skirts. This one was old, so the elastic at the waist was all decrepit and nonfunctional. I perfomred the beginner's task of replacing it myself. Now, let's wrap it up with a little filter added photo collage.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Do they know it's Halloween at all? it's a dress refashion

I'm referencing this song in the title. You know, but instead of "do they know it's Christmas time at all?' I'm saying Halloween. Because it's October. Clearly, I'm unaware of the upcoming holiday, because instead of a fun, sexy costume, I got this:
Dark navy dress that's too big
Shall I go on? It's too big, and it's missing a hook and the belt that went with it. And that piece I'm holding on the right isn't a pocket. I don't know what it is. It's just a side flap.
Shall I continue story that I started over a month ago. So, it's last winter and I'm working in kindergarten with a little boy I'm calling Z. While he made progress, the boy whom I had helped the previous year (B) and then sent to first grade was slipping. B's behavior was becoming difficult to manage. It made me sad.
One day, I was leaving lunch and saw B in the hallway, hollering profanities at a male aide, his small boy's fists flying as he attempting to engage in battle with a grown man. I called his name, pleading for him to talk to me, but it was as if he didn't hear me. It was as if I was looking at a different child.
The next day, his teacher and our principal were apparently at their wit's end with B. The principal came to see me in kindergarten, asking "can you help this child?" She brought my little boy back to me. I told them that I was happy to help, provided that he set a good example for Z by behaving during his visit. And he was absolutely pleasant for the whole time.
For the 2013-14 school year, we had kindergarten kids eating lunch in their classrooms to help ease congestion in the cafeteria. B seemed to have a hard time controlling his behavior in the loud room full of children, so I told him that if his teacher said it was ok, he was welcome to have lunch in our kindergarten class. It meant taking on an additional responsibility, but it was important to me that I keep my word to be there for him.
This helped a little, but soon it seemed like he was spiraling out of control. There were many days when he had to have his grandfather called to pick him up, as he was unable to stay in school. Soon, he was infamous among staff for his profanity filled meltdowns and small acts of destruction. Keep in mind this was a small for his age little boy with a sweet little voice and his two front teeth missing. It was breaking my heart to see the little cherub I had nurtured the previous year this way.
They had no choice but to place a paraprofessional to be with him throughout the day. He moved into a different first grade class, to separate him and the little buddy he seemed to cause trouble with. He asked me, one day at lunch (towards the end of  the year) when these kids in my kindergarten class would be going to first grade. I told him that they'd go to first grade next year, when he went to second grade. He responded by telling me that when the next year started, he would be starting first grade all over again. His grandparents and the SPED team agreed that he should stay back.
That was probably a good choice. Z had moved to a new apartment and was finishing his kindergarten year at this school, before starting somewhere new in the fall. maybe B and I would work together again, I thought.
Here, I shall pause in the story to show you my refashioned dress. No pics of the process, there's no time for that. I took in the sides of the top a little, then took a little off the shoulders. I added a hook in the center, where it was missing. I changed out the matching buttons for...finally! Anchor buttons!
I actually went out and bought a belt for this, as nothing I had seemed to match or fit the loops. I found a navy elastic thing for $1.
Those big round things are a bit much, right. I was able to remove one. Finally, I decided to do little gathers on the shoulders to make them fit better. Here ya go:
After! I love it. It's a school dress. Well, it is when I put a shirt under it. It's perfect for first grade.
 First grade? But I started this story because I was upset about my assignment in preschool, why I say "first grade"? (I'm imagining that's what readers are thinking.) I'll explain--Hey look! There's a ghost in this next picture!
It's an orb! I'm looking right at it!
I was trying to redirect your attention because I'm too tired to keep writing. Here's the quick version: Preschool was like a totally different world that I was unaccustomed to. It felt a little like babysitting. The morning class was actually just two twin three-year-olds, who appeared and had the maturity of babies. Adorable, hug-worthy babies; but still...The older kids in my care for the afternoon were four and non-verbal, and non potty-trained.
The little girl was so sweet... and scared. This manifested in agitated aggression. I extended a hand to hold, and she responded by wrapping her arms around me, then jumping and wrapping her legs around me, and climbing me like a pole. Poor little thing was very big and strong! She screamed and cried, biting onto toys like a shark with a surfer's leg. She grabbed a stack of 20 papers off the desk and bit right through them. It seemed clear she has Autism, although not officially diagnosed. Could I keep her safe? I worried. Of course, my biggest concern was something else.
Diaper changing. My fears were confirmed. I became slightly nauseous and scared when attempting to deal with human waste. Apparently, these kids were going to come in each afternoon and poop every time. Maybe because I'm not a parent, maybe it's just lack of experience, but I just didn't like it. I felt justified in telling my boss, I don't feel comfortable cleaning the poop from the butt of someone else's child.
 For the month of September, I did my best and grew to care for the little ones, specifically the sweet little she-Hulk who just stole my heart. They deserved better; someone with more experience who got enjoyment from this age group. These little children who can't use a toilet, can't speak for themselves...they're innocent and sweet. As for me, I'll take an angry, foot stomping, 7 year old, who's calling me a stupid jerk, and I'll be ready to work.
That's what they gave me.
For the last two weeks I've been back with B in my own first grade teacher's class (yup, my first grade teacher still teaches). Of course, on the very first day of our joyous reunion, we encountered a problem. He is suffering from a severe phobic reaction to a kindergarten boy who chased him; due to this child having only one fully formed arm. B breaks into a sobbing panic attack at the sight of this smaller boy who happens to have one regular arm and one that is a small arm with two fingers. He doesn't want to go in the caf or out to recess.
Finally all caught up on my story telling; and the meme from Arrested Development that I used to tease last week makes sense now:
And here's the before and after pic with the lettering off center. Sue me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Can't hardly focus, here are some thrift scores

Well, I'm seriously behind in my blogging, having neglected both storytelling, projects, and pictures of things I acquired. I don't know how to catch up and I'm pretty sure the quality will suffer.
LOL, Arrested Development J.Walter Weatherman warning meme. Remember, he was employed to teach the Bluth kids important life lessons that involved him losing his prosthetic arm? This will make sense when I get to that part.
So, I'm showing you some cool pictures of things hoarding up my home, with the promise to do more writing when I frackin' feel like it.
Oh, and that's what I look like modeling vintage dresses. Nope, haven't listed it yet. Got it at Goodwill for $2, and I think maybe I'll wear it once or twice then sell it on the cheap. Immediately after taking that picture, I cleared a half an hour from my schedule to get my ass to Supercuts for the fancy hairstyling I deserve. This was followed by some home hair coloring to touch up my roots. #poorpeopleluxury
No more chat, just thrift scores, I gotta make it to the post office.

Vintage travel souvenir bags. I love them. They only go for about a twenty on Etsy, but I buy them whenever I see them because what is wrong with you people, these things are awesome!
As I start typing this sentence, it is day 3 of trying to do this post. Another travel accessory:
It says "grasshopper." I like you plaid, suitcase.
It's like I'm not even trying to make a proper blog post any more. "Just show 'em pictures of things! No time to explain any alleged awesome-ness!" (awesome-ness details here)
Did you see my wool cape? This is my wool cape.
It's a souvenir thing. Up close:
 Made of cloth for god knows what purpose. It's just a large fabric wall tapestry or tablecloth, maybe. The enterprising original owner folded the top over about an inch or two and hand-sewed it, thus turning this into a curtain! It's got that going for it. How about I show one more thing and then call it a night.
I think I showed this already. Hold on, I got a ton of crap...
How's this little handbag catching your eye? (Yes, I'll probably have to do some picture retakes) It's a red plastic basket purse.
I'm out. Next on my to do list is this:
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