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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Valentine's Day no-sew

Pardon the interruption from story time, but I wanted to get at least one Valentine's Day outfit posted before the actual holiday.
I actually planned to do several outfits on that theme, specifically for the non-romantics like myself. I also have a hard time wearing red and wanted to show some alternatives to V day outfits without too much of that color.
Guess what else I planned? I had the idea to do a series of "no-sew" refashions for the month. So far, they've mostly been fails. Here's one for both themes that kinda works.
 Eww. It's not even silly ugly. Why do I look even shorter than usual? If you can't tell, it's a plaid print and it features red, but not too much. Red usually doesn't jive with my particular hair color. I'm coloring tomorrow, so it's all toned down for these. Also, it never looks good with my lipstick. Maybe it does, I don't know.
This dress is actually a lightweight material, so it should be easy to work with and might come in handy in the spring. Anyway, how can I make it work without sewing?
That thing. It's an elastic piece with clips on each end. I'm gonna use that thing to gather it in the back.
It might take a little practice getting it straight. I recommend doing what I did and putting the dress on backwards and clipping it in front before turning it around. Let's see:
So, now it fits a little better. Obviously, there are many other ways to make this dress look better, but I was going for fast and simple. Something that says "meh...it's wearable." I figured I could add a sash. Here's the after:
Certain filters make the red tones stand out more. Doesn't my dress look so adequate?

There ya go, it's reddish and it's a no sew. Hopefully, more to come. My god, I'm bad at following through.


  1. I'm looking forward to the no-sew series! and I think I need to get myself one of those elastic things too.

  2. After reading your comment earlier, I was motivated to get some pictures for my next post! So, thank you!