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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I don't have to explain myself! Late V Day

It's been over a week since I started writing the third part of my last story and I'm almost done, but oops, I seem to have fallen behind. As usual. Valentine's Day was days ago, so I figured that now would be a good time to share some red and pink crap. The post itself reflects the hasty, last-minute hurried feeling I get sometimes. Too many little chores; blogging/writing takes a back seat.
I'm behind as hell and don't feel like explaining myself, dammit.
On Thursday of last week, I knew I had put it off long enough and had to redo my hair color, but before that I threw together some half-assed outfit ideas that might be considered no-sew restyles. I had this skirt that I had already photographed awhile ago...
It was months ago, and I don't remember why I have it or why I used the dress form for the "before" shot. It's a large stretchy skirt with useless buttons and tiny pink polka dots. Tiny pink polka dots, despite being a color I don't wear are considered acceptable because they have a certain retro kitsch value.
I digress. Anyway, I did the usual "pull the skirt up over boobs" trick and then to make it a little more fitted, I added two safety pins to create darts in the bodice section.
Do you see them? You see how I added safety pins? Not that there is much daylight around here anyway, but it was totally nighttime when I took these pics. I hid the pins with a sash and added more layers, plus a heart shaped necklace.
The tired, thrown together me that was captured here could only be saved with some heavy photo editing. 
This following thing is really just a sweater I love and have had for many a Valentine's of yesteryear. It's somewhat ill-fitting and there wasn't much I could do.
Ugh, no to everything. I tried to add "pops" of red with the belt and shoes to bring out the sweater's design. Pencil skirt's too small and I look super mad about it. I did have to shorten that elastic belt, though. 
My sweater with the gorgeous sacred heart embroidered on:
I bought it when I was much younger and badass-ier. Love the sacred heart image and if I weren't so wishy washy, I'd have got something like that for a tattoo while younger and badass-er. The sweater came from an alternative indie clothing store (do people still use words like that?) in Cambridge, MA and probably cost a fortune. 
Finally...this goddamn adorable cat print dress. It's sheer black with more tiny pink polka dots and retro style kitties on it. I got it a few years back at Savers, I believe. It's a small junior's size. It has a weird fit at the sides and two stupid strings at boob level.
Lolwut. What are these? Am I wearing it wrong? Don't answer, I know what's wrong; I'm not a size 3 teen. But, seriously, why pointy hips? 
I don't really know what to do, but for the sake of getting this shit done, I started by cutting off those strings. Then I added a different red waist cinching belt to hopefully fix the "hang" of this dress or at least draw the eye towards the middle. 
This pose is like, "What's that? Damn right I matched red and pink and you added some big-ass fake pearls. Think it's tacky?"
Come at me, bro*
*Any time I see someone posed with arms outstretched, I'm reminded of the old meme phrase which translates into "approach and we shall engage in fisticuffs."

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