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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside

So that's a song played at Christmas time, but it's actually just winter themed and not holiday specific. It's been covered so many times, and here's my version:
The female voice starts, "I really can't stay."
"Baby, it's cold outside," the guy counters.
"I've got to go away."
"Ok, I understand and respect your decision, send a text when you're home, so I know you've arrived safely," is what the dude says. So, they go their separate ways for the night and he couldn't have been more courteous about it.
So, here's the "before" picture of a 70s, polyester dress. I had a hard time capturing the color. It's a color I would've loved as a kid, like a sea green. Maybe it's mint.
 As you may have guessed, this post is a refash and I used that title because I realize that I probably should've taken more off this dress (the sleeves, for one). So, you're looking at me like, "Why don't you shorten that?" and I'm like, "Baby it's cold outside." Maybe I will do that, but for now it's long and with sleeves.
So, I returned home on Thursday and was prepared to get back to work on Friday. I was up drinking coffee and I was going to wear this finished dress. Then it started snowing. So, then school was canceled.
 This picture is around two months old, my hair looked short. Look at that big pointy collar and those strap things. The sleeves were kinda pooffy, and they used to have elasticized sleeves. So, I did some stuff.
I got rid of those things in front and I cut that big pointy thing right down the middle. Then I pinned 'em outward so I can make a big, pointy collar.
I cut those things down the center on the back of the dress. I probably had a plan, but in the end I just sewed them back together so that they were tighter and kept the the dress from falling off.
I took in the sleeves a bit! Big shoulders have always been my nemesis. I de-pooffed them at the top, letting them bell out a little at the elbow. As you see in the before pics, the dress didn't have a waist and was basically a potato sack. Gonna have to belt this.
Here it is:
Most of the time, if I buy a 70s dress; I want a 70s dress. I didn't really update the dress. I just made it cuter.
There's a blurry pose, there's the back.
There's me taking a bow, and here's the "before and after."

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