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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine Girl

Title courtesy of one of my favorite New Kids on the Block song Valentine Girl.
I feel like I may have done a post like this, but I'm pretty sure I just wanted to but didn't. This post is a tribute to the over the top style of Betsey Johnson.
For years, I worked at TJ Maxx, usually in accessories or at the jewelry counter. I used to love it when we got Betsey Johnson handbags and such. I tend to wear a lot of black, but I had a strong appreciation for Betsey's prints; specifically the roses.
So, here's the starter:
For a Valentine's day at school (so, Friday the 12th) I took out this nightie that I bought at GW because the large rose print reminded me of the fabulous Ms. Johnson. So, how do I turn a satiny nightgown into clothes? Answer: by wearing it with shoes and going outdoors in it.
Of course, it had a hole in it up on the shoulder seam. I sewed some lace binding on it so that I could legally call this a refashion even though it's really just a restyle.
See? Lace shoulders. I fancied it up. By the way, it was colder than...um, a place or thing that is known for being very cold. Write your own hyperbolic metaphor, I got nothing. I had to layer this thing good. Here's the after shot, taken at the end of they day, not much makeup.
I put my nightie over some fleece leggings and a long sleeved top. I belted it and put my boots on, even added a sweater (which I didn't need). I got several compliments. No one knew it was sleepwear! Suckers!
Cool label, huh?

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