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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Paint jobs

Creative title, huh? Whatever, you guys.
Remember when I showed you these old boots that I rescued from the bins at the Goodwill Outlet? You don't? Whatever, you guys. Anyway, I got some red shoe polish on Amazon.
There's a picture of my boots in the process of being polished. It actually worked out quite well. 
See? The boot on the left is "before polish." I actually considered a DIY on the other problem:
Look at that heel. The bottom of it is not there. Could I wear them as is? Could I MacGuyver it with some kind of material? Well, there is an old-timey cobbler down the street.
Look! They put brand new heels on both of them! For about $10! They're just so great.
Remember Valentine's Day? For V Day, I also painted something. This:
So, that's a Funko Pop. They're little dolls with large heads, black eyes, and no emotion in the image of your favorite characters from everything. That one's got some weird French name and is from the TV show, True Blood. Did you know that people customize these things? Because I thought that French doll beared a resemblance to former WAW wrestler, Christian Sain.

(Sorry, no pic, I'll find one later.)

So, here's what I did...
I painted it. He's got wrestling tights now.
Here's Chris! As a Pop! Look at the back:
I drew Chris' tattoo with a Sharpie! Happy Valentine's, *bae.

*Bae is a perfectly acceptible term when used ironically.

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