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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

OMG Button Stash

My family has a close friend who makes her living as a seamstress (er, sewist.) My mom met her in junior high sewing class, actually. My mama wasn't so down with the needle and thread, but Diane's mom was a seamstress who taught her daughter the art. From what I remember, my mom had Diane do her work for her.
Anyway, she's been most helpful to me. My mom saw her last week and then called to tell me that she was passing on some old buttons to me. My interest was piqued. On Sunday, I went home to do laundry and celebrate my dad's birthday. Upon arrival, I immediately asked, "where the buttons at?" I pictured a ziploc bag. I underestimated. Oh. My. God...
(Some of them have been neatly sorted into an old muffin tin--I'll explain later.) Not just a a little baggy; several bags, and three good sized containers! I hit the jackpot of buttons! I immediately went into this vintage lover-thrifter-crafter  utopia and began to pick through my treasure. But first: I keep hearing this cheesy song, that is not yet ready to be appreciated for kitsch value:
Buttons by Pussycat Dolls ft. Snoop

Look at that cute tin. It's got buttons in it, just like that one on the right.
Not just buttons! I've got ribbon and a scarp of red leather. I've got eyelets in case I want to make a corset or something...
Some little embellishments, like that damned awesome embroidered anchor! I love nautical crap! I love anchors!
NOS zippers! That's "new old stock" for the laymen, I type condescendingly. Look at that old time-y packaging! 40 cents! 
That card was in there, too! No offense... I also found an old Saint Anthony medallion amongst the stuff. Wasn't he the saint of lost things? I wonder if someone is missing their St Anthony charm? Lolz...Uh, seriously, no offense, Catholics.
You want to know what's in that lovely, but dirty old Grecian style box? (I know; you're on the edge of your seat.)
The good shit. Yes, those sets were already bound together with little bread bag ties. This woman's mother was a seamstress, I have no idea how old some of these things are.That's just a small selection of some of the gorgeous, vintage goodness.
Round buttons, huge buttons, flower shaped buttons...I already know what I'm using those red flower/bow shaped ones for. 
Some of them are still attached to their old cards. I love those big, round ones in a group of three in the middle there. 
I think these ones might be my favorite for some reason. Like a little bunch of berries...
Ohmigod! There are two anchors! Yes, I was taking pictures, when i found another embroidered anchor inside one of the containers. I took another picture to show off how pleased I am that I have a pair. Those two buttons on top? They're both solos and super cute. 
I am completely overwhelmed with this newly acquired collection. What am I going to do with them all? Should I sell some in my Etsy shop? Do I keep them all? My cup runneth over!
About the sorting...you see, I was at my folks' place and it was my dad's bday. My mom casually asked when we should order the food and reminded me to make the mocha frosting for the cake. "I didn't know we were ordering out," I said, innocently. Greek fellow, my dad is. He wanted takeout from the only authentic Greek place in town. That would be the restaurant owned by the parents of John, my former romantic partner of 11 years/former friend of 13 years.
I panicked. "I'm not ready!" I said. Mom claims she told me earlier in the week and either way, I wasn't going to be weird about it on dad's birthday. Just as recently as the night before I had one of my nightmares about John due to the bizarre events of last spring and summer. First, I added too much milk as I made the frosting (quick fix, I just added more confectioner's sugar) and then I just started sorting. As a coping mechanism, I sat down and methodically organized buttons. Mom took the dinner orders. "I used to get this chicken that I really liked. And make sure to get salad dressing..." I said, remembering the addictive Greek dressing I dipped bread in for all those years. I continued sorting. (I chatted with the occupational therapist at the school where I work, who agreed it was a good strategy.)
Before I knew it, mom was home. She didn't even call it in, she just walked in and ordered and talked with John's mom while she waited. John's dad made the chicken I like, just for me. Mom said they were kind and pleasant as always, and wanted to know if I was ok.
I guess that I am. I always say that I'm not cured and I'm not where I want to be, but I'm a lot better than I was. As I was fixing that frosting, an old, forgotten song came into my head...

Candy by Iggy Pop with Kate Pierson
Strange, shirtless punk singer, Iggy Pop and B-52s singer, Kate Pierson sing this 1990 song about being haunted by someone they can't let go. I actually remember hearing this on the radio when I was a kid. I remember riding home from a girl scout meeting one night and hearing it in the car. When I have those dreams, I feel haunted. 
Damn, that's a deep post about sewing notions, amirite? There's even more that I haven't shown. So many DIY opportunities...Get ready for a bunch of posts featuring buttons!

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