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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thrift Hoard, Part II: Thrift Harder

Look, sometimes, titles are hard. Just look at the damn dresses I got last week, OK?

That silky blue dress was hard to photograph. Because it was getting dark. And I don't have any photog talent. It's so pretty and old fashioned, I nabbed it at the Nashua, NH Savers during last week's binge. I don't have it etsy'ed yet. The next handful are not up for sale yet, due to the challenge of getting them to look normal in pics. If I remember correctly, I think this one somewhat fits me, so I should get some selfies to use in the listing. I actually did that for two items last week.

That dress doesn't fit me at all. I got that one in the Manchester, NH store because of its sweet little flower pattern and adorable bow tied sleeves.
It's a vintage size 12, and the blouse-y top is pretty roomy. It's from Shubette, a London dress company. Anyone top heavy wanna model this for my fledgeling shop?
Oh for cryin' out loud...That damn purple dress was nothing but trouble once it stepped in front of the camera. It's one of those 80s does the 40s style dresses, all flowy and drape-y in a lovely purple silk-like material (synthetic.) I bought it because it's beautiful, all be it too big for me. Look at the cool bat wing sleeves and the pleats around that little chained belt. Those are some of the worst pics ever. I'll try again later.
 This is an 80s/early 90s does kind of a mod 60s style dress. I think my main complaint with the pics is that unless taken at close range (like the close up on the houndstooth pattern), the dress looks like some lame table cloth pattern. It's actually a shiny rayon material and it's really fun. It was pretty flattering on me, except for the too tall torso area. The straps are way long on me. It's possible I could pin it just to try and get a good picture, but I might just try and edit these pics better. Maybe some actual damn sunlight!!
 Check out that fancy-ass gown. I have grown a fondness for 70s, polyester dresses as of late. It fit me, just too long, and it's got a sexy keyhole top but a long length. Like a ballgown someone wore to do blow at Studio 54. It's fully lined, too! black, 70s dress on Etsy
Ooh, look at me, modeling a pair of unusual, high waist, suspender pants. Hey, I'm quirky...high waisted, cropped, suspender pants on Etsy
This kimono with it's smooth shine and cranes in flight is freakin' dazzling. I bought it for $2, so I won't cry if I don't sell it. I want to wear it as an article of clothing and be like, "I'm so boho!"
Can I pull it off, or will everyone on the street point and laugh? Then I'd be forced to flounce away, all "whatever, haters." Anyway...Vintage, Japanese kimono on Etsy
Most of the time, the only place I go is work. It's unfortunate that many of my finds are not work appropriate.
Speaking of work, check out these vintage kindergarten blocks I picked up for my little angels darlings...the students; whom I adore! Why you'd think a kindergarten classroom would already have these things, right? Nope-- just the academics, folks. I picked these up at the little thrift store that I frequent on a weekly basis for the kids to play with during indoor recess. Luckily the temps went up over 18 degrees and we were able to let them run free outdoors by the end of the week.
Hell yeah, I'll have more to share next week.
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  1. You seriously look like a different person in those pictures. Its to early to be screwing with my mind like that. Blah vintage clothing. All I've done is clean vintage clothing for the last couple days. I'm hating on it right now.

  2. sad your kindergarten doesn't have blocks!! that's so crazy!! anyway I guess my Waldorf tendencies JUST JUDGED the hell out of that fact! Nice kimono keep it and WHO cares what the haters say if you love it wear it.

    thanks for linking up to Thrifter Maker Fixer Farm

  3. I do look different in those pics! The "natural" look...so not me. Make up! Eye shadow and dark lipstick!
    It is extremely sad that kindergarten kids don't have blocks. It flies in the face of everything I learned while getting that elementary education degree. We give them math manipulatives and they stack 'em up; you know age appropriate behavior! I feel especially sad for my little ones with special needs... wouldn't it be nice if I could let them play more instead of asking them to listen while stuff is flying over their heads?