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Monday, February 17, 2014

Thrift Hoard: Some Thrift Fails

First, I'm late to do up this post, this is part of my usual Sunday night routine. It's not like I've had a bunch of snow days, a weekend, and today (a holiday.) I neglected to check my email informing me that Savers was having a 50% off sale, and honestly, I don't know why I didn't think of that myself. They even had a pre-sale for club members. Why was I not informed?! Because I didn't check my email, that's why. And none of this stuff is listed yet.
Here's a few things I did grab.

I got this adorable carved out of wood whale key holder! $0.99! You know what's bothering me? What is with that hook in his blowhole? he looks a little dirty, but he should, he's vintage.

Chalkware! I love vintage chalkware, and I love lighthouses and other nautical themed stuff. I may or may not have made a discovery regarding its age, upon returning home. Jailbait lighthouse, you look old! Please don't report me to the etsy police! I'm just kidding, this is an old timey, vintage piece, ok?

Melamine bowls, eh? I've collected a few plates for my kitchen, surely I could sell these. I'll just buy them without consulting my smart phone... I can make a few bucks, I see. Except...see that bowl in front? That's the one that was taped to the bottom of the stack of four taped up bowls. That's the only one with that nice logo on the back. The others are not in shape as well as that one.

There's a picture of a lovely, 70s, black dress after it's steam bath (that's why it's on the shower curtain rod.) The price was right ($2) and it's a simple, flattering style. All it needs is a belt to make it sale-worthy. I found a scarf/sash that looked to be of the disco era and bought that for $1. Let's see.

Love the sparkly purple, but it's not cutting it as a belt. I took a belt from my own collection that I never wear.
That silver belt works. The dress is laying down on the measuring area (my bed) because I didn't do the dress form pics yet. I didn't do them because I planned on going thrifting and would look at other belts. I made a note to buy a buttload of cheap belts to use on dresses that have lost theirs.

Oh, hell yeah. Size small Hue leggings, half off! (Add your own "pants half off joke" here.) My winter wardrobe has been a steady string of thick leggings under a dress or tunic with a cardigan. If you like leggings, Hue's the brand I'm down with. They cost a fortune at Macy's, (proof ) and I wouldn't have discovered them, had my parents not gifted me a pair for Xmas awhile back. The days that I find them in a thrift store for $2.50 are good days.
So, where was I with my stories of thrifting woe? I found the most beautiful old dress, most likely 80s or 90s, but in a retro look of a previous decade. Like a Chanel style suit, but as a sleeveless dress in a size 6. I didn't have to try it on to know it would fit well, (but I would have to be strong and list it, anyway.) Here's a preview...
It looks better on. It's also well made. When I returned home, I started laundering. On a crazed high from my scores, I read the label which warned, "dry clean only."
"Ha!" I sneered with an evil grin, as I filled the sink with cold water. "I don't take orders from clothing labels! Into the Woolite bath you go!" After a short soak, I rolled in a towel and then laid it flat to dry. Oh. no...

Can you figure out what happened? In my mad frenzy I didn't see that coming. In my defense, I never wear white. The black dye bled out and left purple stains through the back of the dress. That's after I rubbed some oxygen based stain remover in a vain attempt to fix my mistake. And if that's not the worst...
What in hell is that red spot?! I assure you, it was not there when I tried it on (I did try it on the fitting room, despite it being an item I planned on selling.) And this item was no where near anything red, and the other stains are purple. So, I ask again; where did that damn spot come from?!
I've reviewed a few stain removal options to try, and if I must, I can try and dye the whole damn thing. I won't be able to sell it in that condition, of course. It survived 20 years, but couldn't last an hour in my hands.
Which brings me to the silver lining, I guess. Now, I can keep it. It's a wreck, but I'll see what I can do.
Let's end this on a high note.
Hello, Betsey Johnson dress! How much for you? Free? Yes, because I bought this a long time ago, when I was a teenager. If I don't remember paying for it, it doesn't count. I guess I didn't care that it was large and I was probably 100 lbs at the time. This velvety lace number was kickin' it in my parents' basement! I'm going to find this dress a good home.
Since I'm showing you velvet, I also grabbed this while I was there:
That's a shirt that I can tell once belonged to my grandmother who had a private bedroom in the finished basement. That shirt is a 1X. Oh, Nanny, with your yo yo dieting and large bust...I miss you so. I know she'd approve of my plans to refashion this item.
Linkin' up: Sir Thrift A Lot, and maybe that's it!


  1. You always score the best stuff. LOVE that whale and the dresses.

  2. Thank you, Van! Of course, I have so much fun collecting, cleaning, taking the pics, etc, that when it's time to sit down and get to the listings, I get one or two done and then it's bed time. I want to try and define my "brand" more, like you. I've been in business two months and I figured that I would start with an assortment of things I find cool and see what sells. I've sold 3 dresses, 1 scarf, a magazine rack, and some wall shelves. Gee, that narrows it down.