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Monday, February 10, 2014

Thrift Hoard: Quick to curate, slow to list

I've fallen behind on that Etsy listing goal that I set for myself. A few excuses: Last weekend's gift of a thousand buttons etc, distracted me from "business" to creative stuff  so I fell behind. Also--this is bull--I'd just finished snapping photos of my last dress refashion when I plugged my camera into my half dead laptop and went to turn it on...nothing. There's that moment of severe annoyance when you try to use something and it doesn't do what it's supposed to...I'm like, "No. I press the power button and you turn on. Do it." That slowed down my photography, because my phone just doesn't cut it as far as Etsy pics. I borrowed my parents' camera yesterday, but I'm going to see about zapping my old one back to life. Then my vacuum sucks. Because it would not suck. Seriously? Start working, electronics/appliances! Here are some things to look at.

I got this awesome set of interlocking shelves. When I say "set" I mean that there are two just like that one. mid century shelves on Etsy

Vintage decals! I paid a dollar for all four sets, but I can't decide if I should use them to decorate a boring vintage item to make it more attractive or to just sell the decals. Damn, those swans are tacky! Love it.

Those are some accessories that I grabbed for 1$ each at that Savers sale I hit up weeks ago. Two little vintage ties to use as belts (probably) and a cute elastic belt. Which I didn't realize until I got home that it's not old. Ooh, Juicy Couture, I'm fancy.

Do people have any luck selling vintage how to books? This one was $0.50, so I brought it home because of the great old pictures.
That tablecloth is embellished with pom poms and rick rack. I'm always looking for reasons to use that stuff.

I was bringing a donation to Goodwill and even though I was broke, I had to look around. This vintage men's souvenir shirt couldn't be left behind, so I dropped the $2.50. It's in great shape. Seychelles is an island near Southeast Africa. I used to work with an older lady who came to the U.S. from this republic. Not sure how many people visit there, but I'm going to assume this was her husband's shirt. I'll list it as soon as I can get some decent daylight pictures with a camera. Or maybe I won't, I really like clothes with boats on them.
 This is an old, hand screened shirt dress with black piping and a red and white tulip pattern. It's pretty adorable. I listed it with my lousy pics. Red and white tulip dress on Etsy

I went ahead and listed this one, too. Because it's awesome. That vintage, pleated, atomic print midi skirt could totally fit me with a few simple stitches at the waist. So, uh...please don't buy it, k? Pleated, gray atomic print skirt on Etsy
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  1. the decal on the bottom right is way awesome!! I would buy it if you sell it : ) thanks for linking up to thrifter share