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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thrift Hoard: What my mind looks like

A legitimate friend came by last week. She lives in Indiana now, but back in the day, we were bffs. When she looked around at all my stuff ( as I insisted it was "merch" and not just a mess), she remarked that she imagined that's what my mind looks like. A mess of unorganized crap.
Seriously, the stuff I'm showing off in this post is all over the place. Not cohesive at all.
I've never sold fabric. I wonder if I can sell fabric. Paid $0.99, for two yards, so I guess I won't cry if I can't sell this fabric.

 Look at those things. Old pink flamingos that I got for $1 at Goodwill. I slapped a coat of spray paint on them. Now, I have to coat them again. Spray paint is hard.

What else can I show you? How about a sweet pile of loot?
blue suitcase, daisy waste basket, ceramic panda set, Red Stag Inn wall art, green train case, gorgeous old Memory game, spatter paint planter, clock, and yarn art. All mad cheap, and the only thing for me is that little trash holder. Those pandas...I gotta try and sell some smalls.
That kick-ass planter...
Paid $2, and it sold for $25, as soon as I listed it. Some things I just have a feeling on. I would have made a nice match with that little green train case:
Stupid luggage. Every picture I took of it looks not good. Look here! It comes with its mirror intact, it's plastic thing, and a little matching pouch.
I tried staging it and everything. It looks as drab as an old piece of Tupperware without the camera's flash. With flash, the hardware is reflect-y. What am I an amateur? Yes. That planter would've also looked nice with this thing:
It's a 60s shift dress. I listed it next to the spatter paint planter on purpose. But, I can't sell dresses! Like how I'm trying to look like I've got a theme here? Ooh! Wait!
THAT ALSO MATCHES. Wasn't even intentional. I was thinking of selling that with some smaller wall art, like a set. Small like--oh, where was I? My pile. A piece like this:
$0.50 for that happy little 8" x 6" piece of yarn art. What until you see the details up close. When I list it. Later.
This post is getting long. I better hide some behind the jump.

Ohmygod, this suitcase. It's so beautiful. The inside looks like a freshly lined casket and it's got its key! A few little scrapes, but look at the stripe!
So, I'm strutting out of the Goodwill with that sweet piece of vintage luggage (which was stuffed with other cheap finds) in my hands, when two dudes were like, "Excuse me, miss, might I inquire about the price and condition of that luggage?" Or something less polite.
I cheerfully told them it cost me a cool $2.99 and that it looked great. A guy offered me $5 for it.

As much as I'd love to buy a coffee with a $2 profit, I'd rather this thing sit on Etsy and collect favorites like this blue luggage set which as of now has been "favorited" 42 times. Someone buy it, please!
My first clock purchase...may have been a poor choice.
Darling, isn't it? Cut upon close inspection, it looks like me, after I've rubbed a cat's belly. All sneezy and watering eyes. No, that comparison doesn't make sense. Oh yeah, the face is scratched. My lovely, numbered, atomic face...Got "time" to look at it on Etsy?
Just a few more things...
Look at that thing. Had to have it, with its $1.50 price tag. I'll list it this week! Sell all the wall art!

I already sold this Zook hex thing! I did a quick walk through at Outfitters this week and tried to old "no cart" trick; I thought I wouldn't buy anything if I didn't have a cart. Backfire.
 It was a little pricy at 2 bucks but it was a big one and it was the mama to the little one that I already have! Srsly, have that same one in the smaller size. I cleaned it, staged it, and snapped my pics. My friend wanted it, and made an offer of $10. So, I took her money.

I also saw this handful of an item. A yarn rack thing! $3! I love old merchandise displays! Googling "Pacesetter thread" wasn't all that helpful. I'll probably list this, but I could totally use a thread holding thing just like this. I guess I can make use of it, while it sits around on Etsy.
Before leaving the store, I grabbed one more heavy thing. Are you sufficiently over stimulated yet? I've shown too many things. This post is too long, I should be listing them, instead. I've heard that string art doesn't sell all that great. Plus, it's heavy and expensive to ship. But this one isn't just string art! Behold...
Wood, vinyl, and string guitar art! Not necessarily my thing, but it's freakin' fabulous and in excellent condition! $4 seemed fair, so I filed my arms and made my purchases.
I am poor now. I shall work on my listings, asap.
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  1. I like to think that all thrifters have piles of random stuff sitting around. It makes me feel better about my piles.....

    That planter was fantastic!!

  2. Neat planter. I buy fabric to sell sometimes & I'm like WTF type of fabric is this? I have decided to keep a log with a small piece of the fabric (if I am able to) after consulting some of my local textile stores.

  3. Ahhh. I would be annoyed if someone did that to me. I had some reseller who was gonna grab my arm when I had a bowl in my hand. I would have been pissed.

  4. love them all, your finds. that guitar needlework is so quirky! it's always a sign for me (even on ebay itself) not to let go of an item if a person approaches and offers money to buy something off me before anybody else gets a chance. it was very cheeky of that guy to offer you only a fiver for that great piece of retro. did you laugh in his face as a reply? i would have :)

  5. Yep, looks like my shopping trips LOL

    Thrifting is just too much fun

  6. That "bitch please" image is my attempt[t at capturing the face I responded with. One of the guys also mentioned decorating the suitcase with stickers. No. I'd light it on fire before I let you deface this vintage loveliness!

  7. Oh man I love that suitcase! What a great find. And I really covet that train case too, I had a similar one a few eons ago. I think my mum chucked it out :-( or possibly it fell apart :-)