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Friday, June 27, 2014

Part 2 of my 101st post: It is nautical time

Let's keep this short. One year ago...June, 2013. I stopped on my way home from school and picked up the sweetest little dress that was too big. It was all silky and blue and featured a print of little rope knots. I think I just pointed a phone (no flash) at my mirror for this one:
Yup. That's how I tried to capture the "before" shot, one year ago. Luckily, I have more. I thought my best option for one of my very first refashions was to lose the sleeves and take up the shoulders.
So, uh, that's what the top looked like. You can kinda make out the knots. See that gold thing, just at the neck? That's a shiny anchor button. At this point, I didn't own a sewing machine, just borrowed the one at my parents' house. I think I decided to unbutton the top, fold it under and call it a day. I even tried to use my camera's self timer for the first time!
Nailed it
Well, now that I've practiced my sewing skills, and almost mastered the ability to point and click a camera, maybe I can do better! 
Once I pulled it from my refash stash, I came up with something that might help. I could take in the elastic waist. 
Look! I'm doing it! I'm pulling out old elastic and putting in a new one which I will pull tighter! Like a freakin' sewing whiz or something. 
About that camera pointing technique...My bedroom has practically zero natural light when the air conditioner's in the window! And it's a very shiny fabric! Those are just some pins in the new neckline. And look what I did with that button:
It's a DIY belt I made from a piece of rope. I just measured the rope around my waist (x2) and tied knots at both ends. Then, I sewed the button on. That knot fits just around the button, holding the belt on. It's "knot" functional, just decorative. Closer...
See? Kinda cute? Well, I actually thought the dress looked better without a belt. Maybe I'll sew another anchor button in the middle. 
All right, I finished my dress! Only thing left to do is wear it! Yup, my vintage size 4 silk dress...

Wait for it...

How unhappy do I look? Do I look like someone with a too tight dress? Oh, this is embarrassing. It's now a little sleeveless jacket thing! I even put on that huge anchor necklace from the old pics. ENJOY >: ( 
I actually really like this. Also, screw you cake. Screw you, donuts. 
I'm so tired right now.
 Attempt to show detail of the print.


  1. Really? Thank you! I'm honestly never sure.

  2. You could alwayssew a navy panel under the front to make it a dress. I have the same problem, sometimes uk8 ontop but 12uk bottom!

  3. Very true, Renata-Laura. I'll consider that before I consider diet and exercise! I was also thinking I could take out the seams on the sides, just a little. Of course, this week is very humid and hot and I can't think of wearing anything besides thin cotton slip dresses.