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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Whacha gonna do with all that junk?

Oh cool, those are lyrics from "My Humps," which was a hit song from the Black eyed Peas in 2005! How current of me.
So, nothing gets junk in one's trunk faster than yard sale season. I just returned from a trip and now I'm eating lunch, so I'm not about to photograph my loot at the moment. Sit back with me and cool off, as I present my haul from my last yard sale run.
One of the first places I hit up was one held at a church whose "yard sale" sign I had driven by all week. Right away, I spotted these:
 Well, they didn't look just like that, when I saw them, but pretty close. Look at that little hat box thing!

It's in mint condish! It was so easy to stack them up and list them on Etsy! 4 piece blue luggage set
And what's that cute little item posing alongside the hatbox?
It's an old timey camera! It's got retro charm, who cares if it works? How would I even find out if it works, go out and buy old timey film? Then try and load it up? Nah, it's a knick knack. Totally worth the two bucks. I also found this:
And this little menagerie:
I just love that Asian guy reading on an ox. Lovely. I don't know about the rest of those things. I'll probably include them when I list some little shelves or printing trays. In the mean time, they can clutter up my life alongside these guys:
Oh hai! I didn't actually get them at the church sale. These pandas just loved the camera, so I wanted to include their photo. I should list them on cute factor.
Moving on, I continued up the street, on a high from my luggage score. I grabbed some of those old silky souvenir pillowcases. The seller had a bunch and I picked out three, all were from various Army bases. I wish I could show you how cool they were before I tried rinsing the dust off with some cool water:
Really? How did I not see that coming? The lettering came off in sand-like crumbles. Except for that yellow one, which remained Army strong. That green with blue on the back still looks cool, even without its 3D-ness. But that maroon one?
(Salutes) I shall now play Taps on my trumpet. Godspeed, soldier. (Tosses pillowcase into scrap pile.)
Anyway, I had only been to three sales, and was sweating profusely. I hit up one more, just to ensure that I'd be adequately drenched in perspiration. That's where I found this:
Hallelujah. Isn't it a beauty? One big-ass (4 feet long) black velvet painting! Oh, pardon me. Let me turn it around for you.
That's what it looks like, after my dad refurbished the frame by restapling and hammering nails back in place. And here's what it looks like in my Etsy shop: Awesome black velvet wall hanging.
In thrift store finds this week, I scored a few things.
It's by Parisian Ware and it's made in Germany, so says the markings. I absolutely loved this set of plates and crap. As you may have guessed "plates and crap' are not exactly my area of expertise, but they were half off their original price. Still,  I left them behind, but took a picture.
 I found a plate on Ebay going for $11, so the next day i went back and rounded up what pieces I could find from this set, thinking it could get me a little profit and if I think it's beautiful, surely someone else will. 
I was a little concerned when I got to the china aisle, because I could only find three cups. That would not do. I looked through the mugs and the other cups/glasses section. Before leaving, the rogue teacup suddenly appeared amongst the mugs, as if it was there the whole time! Because it probably was.

It wasn't a huge gamble because they were such a good deal. This is just one of those things I'm never sure how to price. I feel a little weird having them in my shop because it's not the usual thing for me to list. Here's my full listing, if anyone wants a peek: Vintage black and yellow flower table ware on Etsy
I actually have more items to show off, but whaddya know, I just sold that luggage set. I'm gonna catch some zzz's so I can get to the post office early tomorrow. Don't want to wait until noon like last week and be in a long line again.
Linking up at Sir Thrift A Lot and then I'm gonna find some other places to link to that might be helpful with my plates and crap.


  1. Man church sales are the best! If I could only go to church sales ever that is exactly where I would go :D

  2. Those suitcases are just the best!!!