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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thrift Hoard: Bigs and smalls

Mostly big. Remember bread boxes? Do people still have those? They should. Look at this one I picked up ;ast week at the yard sales:
Guess what? Photographing super reflective objects like that is very difficult. Remember that time a guy got naked and then shot a few pictures of a shiny teapot or something and then listed said teapot on ebay, thus sharing a reflection of his junk with all the bidders? Then, that was a trend called reflecto-porn? (I just Googled it. The internets remember.)
Sorry, I don't have any of that here. Just some bad pics of this awesome breadbox.
 There it from the front! Blending right into its background! Can you see the cute little details? Nope, me neither! Of course, I'm pretty pleased with how nice this looks in real life. It had quite a bit of rust, which I managed to remove with baking soda and steel wool. I'm going to list it, when I can build a big ass light box, I guess. 
One of the first sales I hit up that morning was probably really full of good stuff. Had I shown up before 10 AM, I probably could've seen it. Eh, I'm not a very competitive yard saler. I like to show up late when the people are giving stuff away. This guy still had plenty of cool things, and almost everything was $1.
This adorable deer planter is from Lane and Co., those folks who made TV lamps. This one's from 1959. I don't haggle over a buck...
I'm sorry, that joke has no business even trying. That's clearly a doe. I got him listed here: deer planter on Etsy Hey, look at this one I got at that sale!
I love how it's shaped like a log, but it's neon green. It's by Gilner; know what that means? It means that it probably once had an elf or something adorable attached to it. See that spot where a fake little plant stands? It was just a glue spot when I brought it home. I don't have any sweet little elves laying about, so the little tree will have to do.
Beautiful ceramic aqua ash tray! Isn't it glorious? Thing still had ashes in it, when I found it. (That panther is just prowling around, he's not for sale.) The ash tray isn't either. Someone bought it the same night I listed it. Nice knowing you, ashy.
Hey, how about these coffee mugs?
They're from an old local hardware store, which is apparently still operating in my city. Who know? I freakin' love old milk glass advertising mugs. Ya like how I posed them next to my rusty tool box? If you like that matching set of mugs, wait there's more!
I'll also throw in this old-timey mug! Also from a local-ish business. Here...my mugs on Etsy
I saved the best for last.
This is probably my favorite find of the week. I priced it as such, too. I have this little lamp...mid mod, tan, bowling pin shape...it's cute as hell, just needs a shade. I walked into a thrift, closing my eyes until I got to the lampshade area. "Just look at the shades, dummy, you don't need any more stuff," I thought, in a self-berating tone. Then I saw this thing. It was a large, ceramic lamp, high up on a shelf. From a distance, I thought it was priced much higher, so I got double thrift euphoria when I saw it's actual price (my secret.) I ran and grabbed a carriage to gently place it in, lest my bumbling hands lose their grip on my way to the register. At this time, I bumped into another thrifter/reseller. We once worked retail together. years back.
"Nice mod lamp," she said.
"Why thank you!" I replied all thankful that I got there when I did. "Yeah, and you wish you had it!" I thought to myself, whilst flashing my most villainous smile. I get a little possessive with my precious scores. For all I know, it's a hideous lamp and I have terrible taste. Let's take a close look:
I love lamp! It's got a fancy-ass shade by Stiffel, too. Read about that, here: Mid century lamp on Etsy.
This is another thing that I'm in love with. Yes, it's sad that I love an inanimate object. Fine, I will marry it. It's an original batik, made and signed by a local artist in 1981. Lily of the valley batik, in a sweet professional frame with an artist's signature. The color combo makes me swoon. WTF is a batik? I cut and pasted a paragraph from Wikipedia on my listing: Lily of the Valley batik on Etsy.
One last thing. You know when you're in a thrift store, browsing a bit through the toys for some reason, and you spot a little bag of something? Look closer...
Ooh, it's a $0.99 bag of something! What are these? Little houses? Oh...my...god...
It's a little wooden wonderland! And it's fracking adorable! That's just a preview, here's more:
12 little houses! They're like an inch and a half tall. So damned cute, I could slap someone.
Ooh, made in Germany. More pictures!
One more?
I've got them all photographed and counted, I'm just not entirely sure what to do with them yet.
Here's my "big announcement" lol. I need a different shop for which to sell clothing. I scored some really good shit in the dresses and whatnot department, but I've suspended listings until I figure out how to push those wares.
For months, I've been saying that I'll start listing on ebay. I guess now's the time. Should I try and sell my vintage clothing by opening a second, more femme branded Etsy shop? Or try and sell everything on ebay? I have to start work at summer school tomorrow. Goodnight.
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  1. Can you believe I never got that buck joke at first? HAH.

    Reflecto Porn was hilarious. Still is.

    1. Everyone seems to be instagram shops, why not try instagram before eBay? Ebay fees are high.

  2. Instagram shops? I'll have to look into that. Making money is hard :( Thanks for commenting, Sir!

  3. Your little houses are so cute and way to go on the ashtray! Good luck selling on eBay!

  4. I love that lily of the valley batik.It's amazing how it's done with the wax pen and dye.

  5. gorgeous lamp and the west german toy town! i'm very jealous! :)