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Sunday, November 30, 2014

I still do this. Here's my triangle dress.

It's been over a week since I posted, so I better hurry and crank out a new post. You see, last week the annual WAW Wrestling anniversary was celebrated. Last year, I agonized over whether I should attend or not, and of course I did attend and all was enjoyable. I was surprised to be invited to the 16th Annual Awards show, as I haven't actively been involved in quite some time, so I'm assuming my Hall of Fame status puts me on the VIP list to all events.
Once again, I could not stay away and showed up for both the awards ceremony (where I sidled in on the presentation of this year's HOF inductee), and the wrestling show. I knew I wanted to make an appearance, but without an official booking, I went with a "fuck it, we'll do it live!" plan. I don't have any official pictures from the event, but I wore this:
This dress is available in my Etsy shop. That picture, by the way was taken in late August and my face was sweating and my hair was full of humidity. I looked much more awesome last Saturday with my metallic gold leggings (the dress has a side slit) and satin gloves (it's a fancy event). Much to my dismay, none of my ex-boyfriends, (whom I'd planned on sidling in on) showed up! Several good people offered me a spot for their match, but I wasn't sure.
To end this long story...I decided to sit out for the evening, figuring I should save my rare appearances for ones where I had a good reason to be there. I wanted my presence to make sense. Then at the last minute, one of the guys in the main event asked me if I would walk out with one of his opponents...
That one. (circa 2010)
Acting as a manager to that former client makes the least sense. We've been "frenemies" at best, since my great WAW fallout of 2012. I agreed to accompany this scoundrel to the ring for the sheer ridiculousness of it. It was fun as hell and it always feels good to take a name off your shit list. 
Am I still typing? This post seems to have derailed, quite a bit. Anyway, when I catch up with people that I don't see often, I'm sometimes asked if I still do this blog. Yes, I still do it.
I've pretty much exclusively stuck to dress refashions, because that's what I like. Of course, they're not always fun to look at. It's cold out this time of year, and I find it most practical to have clothes I can wear to school, as opposed to the wrestling ring. 
Look at this big dress. There's too much of it; the length and sleeves are too long. Why were the bodices of the 80s so huge?!
But (and I know...sentences shouldn't start with "but", however; I think it's allowed on a personal blog) do you see the print? No? Well, it's composed of triangles. It's an adorable triangle print. I got to work on making this fit. 
I'll walk you through, but I didn't feel like taking photos, k? I took in the sides a bit. I took up the sleeves to elbow length. Then I chopped some off the bottom and hemmed it to the knee.
The waist was just too low. Here's how I fixed that:
This picture isn't as telling as I had hoped. So...I turned the dress inside out, and then folded the top part of the dress into the bottom. Then I pinned off that section you see there. Then I sewed it. Look, I'm pretty sure what I'm saying makes no damn sense, but if you're looking to learn sewing techniques; this is not the blog for you. Because I don't know what I'm doing, ok!
To my absolute surprise...this actually worked. My new waistline was a little shoddy, but the dress fit and I always end up wearing belts. Without further ado...
Ta da. Once again, I'll agree that; yes, I'm rarely smiling in these photos, and yes; I'm terribly sorry! I set up my camera on a tripod and set the timer. In those awkward seconds before the click, any attempt at posing usually looks kinda strained/weird. Despite my satisfaction with the triangle dress, I somehow managed to look annoyed in a majority of these pictures.
Oh man, look how mad I am. Those red shoes are my favorite addition to so many outfits. Like many a dress in my closet, this is a dark blue and I'm not sure how many colors actually work with it. Sadly, I really can't wear those shoes to school and not end up with footache. I'm in the market for slightly more comfortable red shoes.
None of my necklaces seemed to match very well either. I try to put together the best representation of my look for these blog pics, so you people think I'm good at outfits.
Blog post complete, I'm out.

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